On behalf of the Bishop Canevin community, we wish our alumni, friends, and supporters a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! This year has really helped put things into proper perspective and I wanted to take this opportunity to share why I am so thankful to be associated with this amazing community.
  • Our Students: It would be easy and understandable for them to complain about wearing masks and having restrictions placed on their ability to socialize and congregate. Instead they have embraced the spirit of being a "Person for Others" and continued to live Bishop Canevin's mission. Student-initiated drive-thru food and clothing drives have showcased their ability to creatively adapt to existing circumstances while continuing to be difference makers and agents of change in our communities and parishes. Teenagers are so much stronger than what they are given credit for, and our students have demonstrated incredible resiliency achieving success in and out of the classroom, and continued to represent Bishop Canevin with distinction while carving out a special place within our school's history. 
  • Our Faculty and Staff: Bishop Canevin teachers have always gone above and beyond the call of duty, but this year they have exceeded every expectation learning and utilizing new technologies, while executing the building's health and safety plan. Witnessing them in action sanitizing desks and traveling between rooms without a moment to spare and without sacrificing the quality of their instruction has been awe inspiring. 
  • Our Families: The confidence and support our families have shown has, in many ways, galvanized the faculty and staff. We are most proud of our ability to retain our current student body enrollment. Despite a pandemic and economic hardship, our families continue to value the benefits of a Bishop Canevin education.
  • Our Alumni, Friends and Supporters: At Bishop Canevin we have been blessed to be able to provide our community with everything necessary to keep them safe. Adopting a mindset that adhering to CDC and Health Department guidelines is a minimum requirement, with the help of our supporters we have been able to equip our building, classrooms, and educational spaces with the necessary PPE and sanitation supplies. Your continued support is appreciated now more than ever and has helped not only sustain but advance Bishop Canevin High School.
We wish you and your family continued health and a blessed holiday!


Michael Joyce