What is a Synod? What is a Bishop?

When Yehiel Curry was installed as bishop of our synod last year, his opening address held up the theme of the Metro-Chicago Synod being “One Body, Many Members.” This is a great way to think about what it means to be a synod. Basically, a synod is a collection of ELCA churches in a geographic area. The Metropolitan Chicago Synod that we are part of includes congregations in Lake, Kane, DuPage, and Cook counties (aka Chicagoland). Being part of a synod helps congregations to experience that we are part of something greater than ourselves – a larger body that is called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and deed. We support our synod, and the synod supports us. Each synod has a bishop, an ordained pastor who is voted on by members of the synod to offer vision, guidance, and oversight to the synod. Bishops work with other leaders in the synod to ensure both congregations and leaders have what they need to thrive. If you have curiosity about what Bishop Curry is working on in our synod, be sure to tune in for the Q&A after worship this Sunday.