Bishop Haynes to begin authorizing churches  
to re-gather for worship 
In a meeting yesterday, the medical/legal subgroup of the Advisory Panel for Re-Gathering for Worship in the Diocese of Southern Virginia advised Bishop Haynes that according to the Virginia Department of Health, the data do now support a 14-day decline in new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and percent positivity. Bishop Haynes, therefore, is now ready to sign re-gathering applications that would authorize worship according to Phase 1 guidelines. In doing so, churches are reminded to submit their applications to the Diocesan office and that re-gathering for worship is dependent on the clergy's and vestry's readiness to proceed with worship. Episcopalians in Southern Virginia are also advised to attend worship only if they feel they can do so safely. To aid in making the decision about whether or not it is safe for certain individuals to attend worship, we commend to you the following website:

May God continue to bless us as the Church in a time when the world needs us to be the Church.

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