Balboa Park Fig Tree
Balboa Park Fig Tree
Bishop Katharine Calls for Works of
Love and Righteousness
God weeps when his children destroy each other. Sibling rivalry has been with us since Cain and Abel, and we will have no peace until we learn that we are loved beyond imagining – as are all God’s people. 
The tree of life is an ancient image of interconnection. The members of this suffering Pittsburgh synagogue profess that truth. 

Episcopalians across the Diocese of San Diego join them in their grief and in the belief that God intends us to dwell in peace together.
Pray for those who have died in Pittsburgh, for those who have been injured, and for all who have hate in their hearts. Pray, and do the little works of love and righteousness that will ultimately bring that dream of peace to reality.

The Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori
Assisting Bishop

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