Catholic Bishop Richard Stika of the Knoxville Diocese wants to strike 2 cardinals

For Immediate Release:

Contact:  Susan Vance


Phone:  865-748=3518

Bishop Stika and the Diocese of Knoxville lawyers are busy trying to strike things from the lawsuit of John Doe. They want Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz and Cardinal Justin Rigali both to be removed from any mention in the lawsuit. The specter of discovery, deposition and a jury trial looms ahead of the diocese and it is not a pretty sight

PDF of the main points of the video with links. Don't Strike the Cardinals.'t%20strike%20the%20cardinals-.pdf

Audio of Wojciech Sobczuk and Father Martin Gladysz. This shows the involvement of Cardinal Dziwisz in the Diocese of Knoxville and why Dziwisz needs to stary in the lawsuit in which Sobczuk features prominently.

Motion to strike. 5/5/2022

Memorandum of Law in support of Motion to Strike. 5/5/2022

Game of cardinals - Don't strike the cardinals

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