A new Bishop requires many items to fulfil his duties in various liturgical settings – crozier, pectoral cross, ring and several different articles and colors of vestments. Historically these are given as gifts from institutions and individuals. In Mark’s case the Presiding Bishop, Mark’s diocese and parish, and his family and friends have offered many items and only some of the vestments remain to be purchased. The vestries of most of our Convocation congregations are organizing a donation in the name of the congregation as a whole. Please check with your rector/vicar/local coordinator about how and when this is happening.

Individuals are also welcome to donate. If you are part of a parish or mission, your congregation will pool these gifts from all the Convocation congregations to purchase the missing items. If not, and you are interested in contributing, please contact nancyjanin@gmail.com for details.

Thank you for your support