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Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The Episcopal Visitation Schedule for 2016-2017 is now available on-line at
http://www.diopa.org/calendars/bishop-visitations/ .

Our purpose in making the visitation is to preside at the Eucharist, preach, examine your parish register and register of services, be with your people, and hear from your wardens, vestry, and other lay leaders about your ministry and community.

We usually preside and preach at all services. We try to arrive 30 minutes early in order to sign certificates and examine the books.  We like to have at least an hour to meet with your wardens and vestry, as well as other lay leaders you feel should be included. We enjoy holding classes or forums about the Diocese and wider church, meeting with children and young people, and spending time with other members of your staff.

If you have candidates for the initiation rites, we would like to spend 30 minutes with them and their sponsors in order to hear from them about what they have learned in their preparation for the sacrament and what they believe God is calling them to be and do as Christians. Adult baptism constitutes confirmation; adults being baptized are not thereafter confirmed.

As per our ordination promise, please use the authorized rites of the Episcopal Church. Please also administer the sacrament at communion with us; Eucharistic Ministers are to assist, not substitute for you.

We consecrate holy oils, using the prayer on BCP Page 309, in the context of the Initiation Rites during the Easter Vigil at the Cathedral and at the time of our administration of Holy Baptism in the local congregation. We use chrism at baptism, not at confirmation.

Linda Hollingsworth will contact prior to your visitation with information the Bishops will need prior to their visit.

Being with you, and the people with whom you minister in Christ's Name, is our greatest joy. Thank you for the wonderful care you take to welcome us hospitably, to plan our liturgies carefully, and to make our visitations occasions for strengthening the mission and fellowship of your parish or mission church and our diocese.


The Rt. Rev. Daniel Gutierrez