Bishop's Easter Appeal for Congregations
A Message from Senior Warden Doug Adams
Blessings to my fellow community of Church of the Holy Apostles,
As Bishop Fitzpatrick notes in his letter and video appeal, this past Holy Week was both moving and disconcerting for many of us while we searched for and worshiped our Lord in the non-traditional ways that our liturgies were presented to us. Jesus is risen, this we know, yet we miss each other, yearning for the human connection that is vital to our spiritual understanding of our faith. Your clergy and parish leadership are facing these new challenges as well and are working to maintain, and indeed strengthen, the linkages that we share as a parish community. If you need to connect, please call or email or Facebook or text or Zoom. These, and other ways, are insufficient to our physical connections, but more than ever necessary for our emotional connections.
Yours in Christ,
Doug Adams, Senior Warden