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We thank you for your years of continued patronage here at Bistro 222 and would like to invite you to join us as we begin a new, exciting chapter in the story that was started by Michael back in 2009. We spoke at length over the last year before his passing of what our shared vision was for the space and what direction and services would help us continue to serve our guests and attract new ones who haven't yet dined with us. For those of you that have visited in the last few months, you have seen our interior changes, our new menu and now our expanded full bar offerings. We invite those who have not visited us yet this year to stop in and give us a try again now that we have completed those items. We are also going to be adding a physical bar to the interior along with a fireplace for the fall/winter months to bring a new look and feel. We are very excited to announce we have taken over the second floor of our building and will be expanding into that area to offer more space for private events and outdoor seating by the end of this year. While we are now, and always will be, proud of our six years as Bistro 222 we will be changing our name soon to Osteria 222 as a way to honor the man who was the force behind the Bistro and to many was the Bistro itself.  His standards have become ours and we will always do our very best to uphold them as we take the reins and lead our restaurant to where he always dreamed it would be before his illness took that chance from him. For those of you that are interested we have begun a Kickstarter campaign to enable those that would like to be involved in this process to do so and truly become part of the new family here. Please click on the link below to read more about this exciting opportunity and how you can be here for the start of this journey. We thank you again for always being here and helping us continue to grow and serve you, your family and friends. In the words of a very good man, please come with us and  Live, Love, Eat.........


A portion of all funds raised will be sent to the Arbor Hospice Foundation in memory of Michael 

Osteria 222
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