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Bit of Lit

Bit of Lit provides a fiction or nonfiction piece that can be read in one sitting. It's just the right size for taking a coffee break. 

George and I are sitting at Mesa De Los Santos. It’d be a good place to pray. The lights are dim. The restaurant has a certain je ne sais quois.

    I feel disgusting. In love with George, pregnant by Adam; thanks to a break in my relationship with George. How could I get pregnant during a break?

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Cafe de los Santos
 Ma Sue let one fist rest on her hip while her other hand held the screen door. "Glad to see you're taking all your trash with you this time, Frankie."
 Daddy's hands were empty...

Perhaps it is appropriate that as I write this it is lunch time and I am eating a cold meat and cheese sandwich on a small done, the sort made popular at funerals and in church basements. Its taste reminds me of being at a funeral in a Lutheran church basement in Blue Earth, Minnesota...
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