BITCOIN UP 3.6% @ $2,630.23  

  • Good morning folks, waking up to prices above $2,600 is a great start to anyone's day. Unless they're shorting Bitcoin of course.
    In the days ahead we feel that the market will try and overcome the $3,000 resistance level and hopefully take it out for good.
    Ether and these troublesome ICOs have been draining away investor funds as people are looking for the next big thing, hoping to get rich quick. More and more articles are coming out exposing ICOs as the get rich quick schemes that they are. So I expect the $$ to start heading back to bitcoin for good.
    Granted, we have seen some crazy price swings allowing a select few, mostly the promoters to make millions.
    Don't be fooled by a penny stock in Bitcoin's clothing, stick with the original. Buy the dips, hold on for the long term and put your kids though college with just a few Bitcoins 5-10 years from now.
    Serious note of caution! Buyer beware of the ICO market, although there may be a gem or two in there, the rest are created to do one thing only, get the promoters rich. Be careful folks and read these articles below.