"Bite-Size Blogs" for Busy Folks
6-6-16 -- Introducing A New Generation of Blogs

These "bite-size blogs" will take you no longer than one minute to read--and are designed to help you heal your body (if it needs healing) while healing your planet at the same time. A win-win for your health and for the future of humanity.

Hopefully, you will find these new "bites" easy to digest on your mobile device. Let me know if you have trouble.

Blog #1 -- "Treating cause of disease instead of symptoms."  After watching "Forks Over Knives" in late 2013, by the spring of 2014, Dr. Kerry Graff (my co-author) was busy re-tooling her family practice by focusing on the joyous process of "promoting health" instead of "managing disease." She writes in the first chapter of our new book:

"I had spent the first half of my career putting patients on medications for various ills and then hounding them to take their pills to "stay healthy." Now, in an effort to undo the damage I had inadvertently caused while treating just the  symptoms of disease, I have dedicated the second half of my career to focusing primarily on treating the cause  of disease."

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