Wake Health Services
New Health Center Construction Underway!

Future site of our new Health Center in Southeast Raleigh, adjacent to the existing Rock Quarry Road Family Medicine location.

Construction has started on the new 35,000 sq. ft. community health center in Southeast Raleigh. But it's about more than a building: this project is the next step to increase the number of people we are able to serve each day, and further our collaborations that bring additional services to families. The project is expected to be completed in early 2016.

35,000 sq.ft. building
46 exam rooms
3 treatment rooms
10 dental operatories
1 new pharmacy

Primary healthcare, all ages
Dental care
Pediatric care
Behavioral health
Nutrition counseling
Healthcare for the Homeless
Administrative offices
Community meeting space



March 21:
Fourth Congressional District Health Fair serving veterans, senior citizens and the homeless population. 10 am-3 pm at the Salvation Army, 1863 Capital Blvd. Information: 919-859-5999.

March 18-22:
National Association of Community Health Center Policies and Issues Forum in Washington, DC. Two board members will join our CEO and COO at this annual event. 

Tarheel Talk TV Interview
CEO Penny Washington and Angela Good, FNP, were interviewed for Fox 50's Tarheel Talk TV show, airing Sunday March 22 at 6:30 am.

Welcoming new patients!
Appointments are available at all locations. Know someone who needs a doctor? Tell them to call! We welcome everyone.
Apex Family Medicine
212 S. Salem Street, Apex 
(919) 362-5201 
Franklin Community Health Services
111 S. Church Street, Louisburg 
(919) 340-2500
New Bern Ridge Pediatrics and Dental Center
2620 New Bern Ave., Raleigh
Pediatrics:(919) 231-3180
Dental: (919) 250-2930
Rock Quarry Road Family Medicine
1001 Rock Quarry Rd., Raleigh
(919) 833-3111
Southern Wake Family Medicine
13 N. Judd Parkway, NE
Fuquay Varina
(919) 557-1110
South Wilmington Outreach Center, Horizon Healthcare for the Homeless Program
(919) 743-3315

Administrative Offices:
(919) 255-6721
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Eat Smart During National Nutrition Month
Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle: Dietitian Offers Six Simple Tips 
What's a Registered Dietitian's favorite snack? Check out Nicole's list of healthy snacks.

 "A little change can make a big difference," says Registered Dietitian Nicole Matala. 


As Nicole counsels patients with nutrition education and diabetes education, she encourages them to strike a balance when making food choices. This often calls for trading one food item for another, such as vegetables over starchy foods.   


March is National Nutrition Month, so we asked Nicole to share tips on how to "bite into a healthy lifestyle," the theme of this year's activities. Here are her top six tips:  

  1. Eat a half plate of vegetables at each meal.
  2. Choose products without artificial sweeteners--they train your taste buds the wrong way. They make us crave foods that are too sweet.
  3. Include lean protein with each meal and snack. Examples include chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, soybeans and non-fat Greek yogurt.
  4. Make your own trail mix of nuts and dried fruits, such as almonds, cashews, dried cranberries and coconut flakes. It's more cost-effective to make your own mix.
  5. Choose unsalted nuts to help reduce sodium.
  6. Drink water or seltzer water instead of soda.
Provider Spotlight: Angela Good, FNP
"A Doctor of My Own" for Patients at Outreach Center 

"They don't let you fall through the cracks."  That's how Jarvis, a patient at the South Wilmington Outreach Center, sums up the Horizon Healthcare for the Homeless program. "Everything is right here," he says.


Angela Good, FNP, sees patients twice a week at the men's shelter on South Wilmington Street.  Jarvis has been getting primary healthcare for about a month. "I never had my own doctor before," he said. He expressed how difficult and discouraging it was for him to receive too many opinions from too many doctors. Now he has a medical home through Wake Health Services.


Jarvis appreciates the free medical care he receives.  When he transitions out of the shelter, he will continue to see Angela at Rock Quarry Road Family Medicine. "She knows what I'm going through," he says.


"My doctor follows up. She knows me" says Jarvis, right, pictured with
Angela Good, FNP. Barry, seated on the left, was able to get a referral to a cardiologist through Project Access.
Outreach Team Works with Partners to Educate Consumers about Health Insurance Options    
Certified Application Counselor Kendra Hinton, right, is part of the Outreach & Enrollment team at Wake Health Services. 

Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace has ended, but Wake Health Services continues to meet the needs of the community by educating consumers about their insurance options.

"We don't do it alone," says Outreach and Enrollment Manager Emily Mallasch. She explains the close collaboration with three community partners: Capital Care Collaborative, Enroll America and Legal Aid of NC. 

What's our impact? Here's a glance at how many people Wake Health Services reached during Open Enrollment Two from November 15 through February 15. Click here to learn more and get connected with a Certified Application Counselor.  

  • 17 enrollment events with community partners
  • 560 people assisted and educated about their insurance options
  • 449 Marketplace applications submitted
  • 209 newly enrolled individuals

Pediatrician "At my Side Every Step of the Way" says Parent of Young Patients 

Cheyenne, right, said that she was so excited to have a new book to take home after her brother's well-child visit.


Andria's family has been receiving care at Wake Health Service's pediatrics practice for two and a half years.  She said that she felt like there was "just a connection here," and that "Dr. Jill Wright had been at my side and with my kids every step of the way."

Andria first came to Wake Health Services with a referral from an adoption agency. She is the foster mom of three children, in the process of adopting, and they qualified for services through Medicaid. Andria said she chooses to continue to bring her children here, as the individualized attention that the staff provides to her and her family is above and beyond her expectations.


Andria's 18-month old son, Cayden, was in for a well-child visit, but all her children left with a book, thanks to our Reach Out and Read Program. Community Health Centers are about more than just primary care. We value and encourage holistic health, which includes reading, literacy and family learning.

Wake Health Services Community Engagement Department
Nonprofit Community Health Center providing primary healthcare to 25,000 underserved and uninsured patients in Wake and Franklin counties.