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Bits and Pieces
January 21, 2020

This sunshine and 70 degree weather is making me light-headed.  There's a pun in there, so I just made myself laugh!  But I was taking Murfee out back for a walk and potty break, and I decided to run with him a little bit.  Whoa Nelly...I just discovered that I can't run anymore.  Wow.  That's a shocker to me.  I couldn't run for so many years due to bad knees, and I merely assumed that since I had both replaced that I should be able to run again.  So NOT so!  I tried, and guess I felt so awkward on the other end of Murfee's leash that he kept slowing down and looking at me with his big brown eyes.  I thought I might have detected a bit of pity in his eyes that I couldn't keep up, but I think it was more amusement that I saw.  Just this morning, he heard me laughing at him as he tripped over his own awkwardly large puppy feet and the now silly gait that he has with his fast growing long legs.  I'm ashamed to say that he was doing a lot better running outside behind the shop than I was doing and that's why he was probably amused at me.  I laughed at him this morning, so he laughed at me just now.  Guess it's true:  What goes around, comes around.   

Which made me think of skipping.  Did/could you skip as a child?  Can you skip now?  I tried that, too, recently, and couldn't get it together.  Better not let Murfee see me trying that move, or he may put an ad in the paper for a new and not broken Mom.  I got Murfee to bring JOY into my life, not physical incompetence!  Well, at least my brain and bladder have grown and can maintain me, but as a dear, sweet customer/friend reminded me, that may only be temporary right now, also.  Ha.....How time and life change us!  My conclusion:  Use it while you got it, shake off what you can't do anymore, never stop trying (or re-trying!) and keep growing.  Murfee and I think we have that motto down really good after all our trials and errors.  And our peanut-gallery of Katie, Emi and Willie are laughing at us, and not quite joining us in these old/new endeavors, but will soon decide that if you can't lick 'em, just join 'em.   

You are welcome to ooh and aah over Murfee whenever you come in.  He's still sleeping a lot, but is getting very well socialized.  So, on Wed., when Marilyn's Rulers Can Quilt takes place and you need a mental and physical break from learning to quilt with the template rulers, feel free to pour out your issues with Murfee, then go back to your quilt and see how really good it looks and how good you are really quilting with the rulers.  Remember, it's all about baby steps at first, not perfection, and let that muscle-memory-recall settle into your brain and arms.  It's way easier to learn this than to try to re-learn how to skip.  Trust me on this!  Class size is limited to give you maximum attention in learning this new skill, or continuing to practice it.  

Kimber Krew meets either for the morning session or afternoon session.  Teaching will actually begin at 9:30 or 1:30, but you will have time to set up and check out the latest Kimberbell designs and buttons and such a half hour earlier.  This time will also give Jeri or Jan time to load your stick with the design.  Project this time is the composition notebook.  If you missed our Tea Party Event last Thurs. and Fri., check out our pictures and the wonderful Tea Party hats that were worn.  Valerie wore a wonderful Fascinator hat, and we all got a peak at how these are made and how comfortable they are to wear, and how they make you stand just a little bit straighter when you walk!  It was a fun time, and Laurel even donated her Mad Hatter hat to the Kimberbell display.  We completed five total projects, but went home with many more to make, and everybody took home a Kimberbell prize!   

Pajama Mamas will meet Friday night at 5, and the register will be open to those attending who want to do some private shopping.  Bring your own project to work on, and just enjoy the camaraderie!
Stitch and Sew is Monday, followed on Tuesday by Modern Millies, which concentrates more on the modern quilting look.  Want more info....click on the links!  

UPCOMING DATES....Rusty Barn Show at the fairgrounds.  For many of you, this is a "don't miss" show, so please stop by and see us in our large four booths.  We are in the second, smaller building and we will be there with Unique Sewing Furniture and Grace longarm machines and frames.  Joining us for the three days of the show, Thursday and Friday, 1-30, 31, and Saturday, Feb. 1, will be the owner/designer Patrick from Unique , as well as  Mark Martin,  Customer Relations &  Sales Manager from Grace Co. Both are knowledgeable about their products, and both are here to give you the best information available.  We will be there making deals and smiles!!!!!  Do your homework if you're shopping because we will be selling right off the floor of the show with the best prices we can offer.  Remember:  STEALS AND DEALS
We hope to see you there, and having a great time.  Don't forget to find us-we're in the large but easier to traverse building, booths 718-721, waiting to make your show special!

LOOKIE LOOKIE.......we just placed over 40 bolts of our BATIKS on the CLEARANCE RACKS!!!  That makes them just $6/yard, one yard cut minimums.  We need to make room for even more batiks on our wall to wall, top to bottom batik section!!!  Get them while we have them.  They won't last at this price, and they are top quality batiks, colors and patterns.......
Barbara and the girls who grow to stave off growing Rusty at SVQ
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