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Bits and Pieces
April, 16, 2019
Good news, bad news:  it's after tax day.  So it's one event with two results.  Kind of like, for me, getting a new puppy who's in my face with that wonderful puppy breath and happy demeanor, and then piddles on the floor because there's been no potty training yet!  Or a Grandparent who gets to hold the new baby and then needs to do an immediate diaper change!  Or a quilter who finishes a quilt top, and when stepping back to admire the work done, realizes that one section was sewn in upside-down.  Or, as I did, sewed deer antlers on the wrong side (points facing out rather than in or up!).  Oh, yes, I did that, and even thread painted the antlers to give them a textured look, so it was impossible to fix.  Sometimes, I guess, you're the windshield, and sometimes you're the bug.  Isn't life grand?!?!?!  Ya just gotta laugh, right???  

So let's continue, on the assumption that we're all the windshield and not the bug, and that the glass is half full at all times.  That's always more fun.  Let me talk about some basics at SVQ to help make your days more fun.  For example, beginning Thursday, 4-18-19, we are able to offer you 0% interest for a new BERNINA selling for $3,000 or more made with your BERNINA Credit Card, and this will last through April.  Do you have an older machine and you've been wanting a newer BERNINA?  Please come in and talk with us because we're finding a new market of purchasers who are looking for gently used, well taken care of machines for which your machine might just fit the bill.  And you then can get a brand new machine that fits your more current needs/wants!  If we take your machine in trade, it will be thoroughly serviced by our certified techs before it comes out to the floor.  We are also willing to give a warranty which you won't find online.  You will be able to sit and sew on the actual machine, as well as check out the newest BERNINAs to see which better suits you.  And don't forget that financing option for new machines!

BERNINA has a new USB stick---16 GB.  The currently existing 4 GB stick will be replaced by the 16.  The new one has two connections and can be used with the latest systems.    Trust me, I don't understand a word of this, and I'm just giving you the info., but the point is that we can order them for you!  There is decreasing demand and availability for the current 4 GB system memory chips in the electronic industry, so life got better.
Q'nique's April Special is the 4.5' Hoop Frame, which fits nearly anywhere, can quilt a king size quilt, can be used with the Q'nique 15R midarm or your own domestic machine, and for April is selling for UNDER $900.  The 3 and 4 piece accessory sets are 20% off MSRP now, also.   

You've asked and we've responded to Ruler Classes becoming a monthly event, with Marilyn at the helm.  All classes will have a finished project by class' end.   The next class will be May 15, 9:30-4:30, and the project will be focused on placemats.  On May 22, the project will be mola snap bags.  Attend them all if you can, for just $25 each, to become more proficient with your rulers and your ruler feet.  We will even extend through April our special pricing of 15% off MSRP of your choices of rulers which you want to add to your collection.  We are offering much better pricing than what you can get online, plus you have no shipping charges, FYI!!!  

Please check the online class schedule or pick up a printed one at SVQ.  Remember that you can also shop with us online when you visit the website.  For our special color of the week, it will be pink, at 15% off fabrics containing pink (1/2 yard cut or better) when you tell us you know the color this week is pink.  We just made a sample pillow case from the splashy and colorful owl fabric and coordinates that I like so much.  Think what a fast and thoughtful gift this would be for an Easter gift to have and keep (as opposed to candy and Easter baskets) for family members.  Aw, how nice is that!   Hope to see you soon;  check out the new fabrics, the pillow case, the machine specials, the carry-it-all to class or keep -it-in-one-place-at home sewing tote patterns and sample that we have for you, the new denim bag patterns, and so much more.......
Barbara and the always good news girls at SVQ
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