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Bits and Pieces
April 2, 2019

A little sadness, a little gladness to share:  for all of you that knew Buddy, my golden retriever/chow who used to come in to work with me every day for a few years, I want to let you know that he passed away.  Very sad, but I've taken my own advice and altered my perception of the event.  See, he was rescued from the pound by Golden Rescue of Az., and then adopted to me nine years ago.  When I got him, the vetting vet thought he was about 7 or 8!  So I'm happy that Buddy and I could share so many good years together, and increase the value of each other's lives for such a long time.  Do you know that when he came to work with me that he had customer/friends who would first come pet him, and bring him toys and a bed......what a lucky guy he was!  SVQ and I were on the secondary list, Buddy was the primary, don't you know?!?!  Then gradually, I began to leave him at home during the days, but his "groupies" continued to come in to see him.  So I'm grateful that he had so many years of a wonderful life filled with love and attention.  I know many of you have been through similar things, and while they're difficult to deal with, we can be happy that they were in our lives at all, spreading so much love.  

Again, that idea of perception that I've been talking about of late.  I watched Leann's students transfer their perceptions of Photos To Quilts last week in the camp she taught, and I was amazed at their abilities to turn a two dimensional photo into a three dimensional quilt which so closely resembled their photo.  It was a process in perception, color values, depth and dimension, and more; it's all in how we see things, how we create what we interpret!  Such fun, so individual!   

So as we begin another new month, what all do we have to look forward to?  Well, probably NOT April showers.  But have you seen the desert flowers???  They are spectacular due to all the prior showers we had.  Hope you have a chance to go out and see them this year.  And we have some smashing southwestern fabrics, succulent fabrics and florals that you can wrap yourself around any time of the year.  Great for pillows, throws, kitchen or dining mats, braided rugs and wall hangings...anything to brighten your mood and surroundings any time you should choose.  Come take a look; we'll be happy to point them out for you.  

Our Q'nique special for April tempts you with a tiny little price for the Q-Zone Hoop Frame, which only takes up a tiny space (only 4 feet 6 inches) in the quilting room of your choice.  Upon which you can set your very own domestic machine or up to a 19" longarm quilting machine!  Start with the frame and see how easy it is to longarm quilt!!!  The frame works for most brands of sewing machines, is sturdy and can handle pantographs and/or the Gracie Laser, did I mention has a tiny little price as well as footprint in your room????  The fabric spreads tight against the hoop, making free motion quilting a breeze????  The machine of your choice sits on the carriage on the frame which moves freely and easily across the length and width of the frame with the needle gliding effortlessly......if you can write your name, you can easily quilt it by free motion!!!  Come in and try.  See how easy, and impress yourself with what all you can easily do!!!  You can also quilt any size quilt on this little puppy of a frame.  The frame is adjustable so you can quilt sitting down or standing up!  Ya gotta see it to believe it!!!!!  

BERNINA is featuring the Overlocker Foot this month at 25% off.  We just took in a gently used BERNINA, traded in for another BERNINA that I was going to WOW!!! you with, but it just sold before it even hit the floor.  But I have reason to believe that we might just have another trade-in coming shortly from another  customer of ours.  But beware:  on these BERNINAs...snooze and you'll lose.  They just do not occupy our shelves for long.  But we have the full cadre of 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 Series BERNINAs for you to try on for fit.  We want the fit to be just right for you, so there's a full range of prices and bells and whistles for you to try.  I do perceive that we can make you very happy and comfortable here at SVQ.......  

So let's make turquoise the special color of the week when you tell us and purchase fabrics containing turquoise, ½ yard cut or better.  That's because we just got in a new collection that's making me almost drool it's so pretty!  But the mental picture of me drooling is not a pretty one, so I will refrain from doing that, but you get what it is I'm talking about, right?  Come check it out!!!  Hope to see you soon!
Barbara and the perceivers of all things in the most positive light possible at SVQ
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