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Bits and Pieces
April 20, 2021

How do you like our header picture???  Thought you might enjoy seeing it, and knowing that this is the delivery situation on just one coast.  The other coast is worse!  But it is what we deal with for now, and all of us appreciate your understanding.  Once the ships can come in to port, they must be unloaded and the cargo containers get stacked on land, to be unloaded by the dock workers, many of whom have not been allowed to come in to work due to covid constraints, then the containers get sorted, then at some point re-loaded onto trucks or trains for shipping, then to the vendors followed by shipping agents, then finally to us.  This is the system and we just have to grin and bear it.  The good news is that it's getting better daily, and soon, we will be all caught up!  Just an interesting point...our walking feet were held up for months due to a tiny little necessary screw that was made in Italy, which, as you remember, was hit hard and early in the pandemic movement.  Just goes to show how inter-connected we all are, as the world continues to turn! 

I had a strange happening with Murfee (who else!) and even Emi Lee the other night at about 3 a.m., and I'm hoping you can shed a little light on what was going on.  Murfee let out a looooong, low, constant howl, chin up in the air and lettin' it rip!  I don't know why.  Then, even stranger, Emi Lee, the llhasa apso, joined in with a sound I've never heard come out of her!  The other two, Katie and Willie, kept sleeping as though they heard nothing. They were all in the bedroom with me.  It was very eerie for me, and I don't know what they were trying to tell me.  Any ideas?  Murfee sounded something like a bloodhound howling, and he didn't stop for air intake.  Neither did Emi Lee.  No one was around that I could see, and I might have heard coyotes way off in the distance, but they've never made my kids howl before. Hmmmmm....... 

Okay, so remember that all this month is National Overlocker Month Sale, and of course, we always have financing available to you.  We have in stock, not on a ship resting on the water, some of the machines on special.  So come in and see just how smoothly they thread with the new air threaders, how much they can do, and how quiet they are.  Plus, the L890 and L850 are just flat out beautiful machines! 

On Friday, 4-23, we are offering a new class for you.  It focuses on Piecing and half-square triangles.  We have it pictured here for you, and it gets a lot of attention in our classroom.  Andi has done it in red, white and blue, and it was featured in McCall's Quilting July/August 2020 edition.  It's a simple quilt to make, especially with Andi's help, that is very pleasing to look at, and of course, you can choose your own color combination if you wish.  Class is titled:  Lazy LeMoyne Star, and when you mix the LeMoyne Star with the Friendship Stars, this is the happy result!  Class will be from 9-1 and the pattern is included in the $35 class fee...how good is that!  There is a supply list for you to pick up when you sign for the class, and the Bloc-Loc rulers are recommended to make the half-square triangles, since the ruler makes them much easier!  Hope to see you in the class.  

Monday, 4-26, we're offering a makeup class for the Sparkle Like You Mean It bag, originally scheduled for Feb., designed by Kimberbell.  We have the denim blank tote and supply kit, including the small white lights which make this one a conversation piece available for the kit price of $25.  Class time has been extended to 9-3, $25. 
On Tuesday, we're offering another Intro. To Paper Piecing, 9:30-12:30 with Andi.  As Andi describes the class, sew a straight line and end up with perfect points on intricate looking patterns!  This class will teach you the basics of paper piecing, the quilt can be as large and colorful as you want it to be, and you will have the ability to tackle other paper piecing projects, like the beautiful Judy Niemeyer quilts.  To me, paper piecing seems to be a technique that you love or you just don't.  I absolutely love the process and have done quite a few of the Judy quilts, but this is a fast and friendly way to determine if you'll enjoy paper piecing before you jump in with the bigger , more elaborate and expensive Judy Niemeyer patterns.  If you love it like I do, then you can move into our other paper piecing classes.  The process is the same when paper piecing, so jump in and get your feet wet!!! 

We are sponsoring another Sew Steady Event for you, on April 29, which will be virtual again.  We'll give you the link here to click on and sign up, and the topic this time will be Woven Circles!!!  As usual, they will be offering you special pricing on many items as a Thank You for taking the ruler class.  Those who have taken the virtual classes previously have learned a  lot and enjoyed them, and this should be no exception, so sign up ASAP please, so you don't miss out. https://www.sewsteady.com/product/woven-circles-virtual-event?ref=1188

There have been questions about the January-cancelled Rusty Barn Show which was always held at the Fairgrounds.  I can tell you for sure that the show will go on!!!  It will be Sept. 2-4, and this year will be at WestWorld in Scottsdale this year.  And as usual, we'll be there with four large booth areas this year.  Just letting you know.
With Mother's Day coming May 9, let's make floral fabrics our special of the week.  We have lots of them to offer you, both in-store and online.  We will also include floral panels, so when you give us the code of 9MOTHERS, we'll take 20% off your floral purchase.  We request that you take ½ yard cut or better from the bolt for the discount please.  Now, go out there and make it a good, stress-free week, drop by for classes, or to chat, or to take classes, and we hope to see you soon!
Barbara and all of us at SVQ having a howling good time, and not howling at the moon.  Ever.
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