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Bits and Pieces
April 27, 2021

I cannot tell you how much time I've lost recently, looking for things that I knew I had, I knew where they had been, I knew that I had moved them off the counter and into safe-keeping, to a very practical spot that I'd be able to easily remember, and then .....nothing!  How many times has this happened to you?  Surely, I can't be the only one.  The last thing was a pair of sunglasses which I've never worn but loved the frame and thought I'd be smart to get new clear lenses in the frame.  I can't tell you how many very practical places I looked for those glasses.  They had been on the counter in the laundry room for many months, in a white leather case, so I could grab them and go out to the garage and car.  Got tired of seeing the case just sit there, so I put them in a safe place that I'd remember.  Then spent hours looking for them.  It's like my desk---messy as can be but I know where everything is.  Until I decide to do some general housekeeping and get papers and "stuff" properly placed.  And then I can't find anything!!!  So frustrating, you know?!?!  Anyway, I've found the glasses and most of the other wayward items, but I know I'll feel like the gerbil running on the wheel again very soon, running in circles and getting nowhere.  I try to blame Murfee and Katie for hiding my stuff or eating what I can't find, but I really know it all could be my fault!  

I'll try to remind you, however, of the upcoming virtual Sew Steady Event we're hosting on Thursday.  The topic using rulers will be Woven Circles, and we'll supply the link for you to click on to attend.  Feedback tells me that you're learning a lot from these events, so we're happy to continue to have them for you.  And Sew Steady offers some great specials for you too, only available to you through the event.  So don't miss out! 

In the classroom, Deb will be here teaching you all about eyes.  It's appropriately titles Eyes:  the Window To the Soul.  Please come see her sample in the classroom of eyes of the original picture, then the eye done using mixed media and again done with thread painting.  It gives a great insight (pun intended!) into the person or animal being depicted, and can make or break an otherwise fabulous project.  It takes practice, yes, but Deb has many tips to help you along the way.  I learned to do eyes while in ceramics classes and see just how important they are!  Please sign up so we don't have to cancel a class due to low attendance....we don't want you disappointed.  Class will run from 10-4 and there is a supply sheet for you to get when you sign up. 

Another Fiber Arts class is taking place on Friday, 10-4, and it will focus on Photo Art Transfer.  Please click on the link here to find out what this class is all about.  The focus of this class is on teaching you how to turn your favorite photo into a piece of art.  Print your photo onto fabric, set the ink, then let yourself go!  Wouldn't it be great to make your own photo album pics into a themed quilt?  Or an heirloom quilt of family or pet members?  Or family baby pics made into a quilt?  Ideas are running wild right now with the possibilities!  There is a supply list for this class, and Deb has extensively researched which are the best products to work with, so try to not miss this class either.  

Mastery class for your new machine purchases will be Saturday, May 1, so come prepared to learn and do lots of things with your new BERNINA.  If you've been sitting on a fence wondering whether or not to please yourself with a new B 880 Plus or B 790 Plus machine, now might just be the right time!!!  We are extending a Special Invitation for the month of May:  with your purchase, you can choose either a FREE B 480 machine (valued at $3,149) OR a FREE L460 serger (valued at $1,899) OR a FREE Version 8.2 Designer Plus Full Version Software (valued at $2,499).   Dreams DO come true!   We can even assist you with your purchase May14-18, 2021 by offering you ZERO INTEREST for 60 months (Yes, that's FIVE full years!) with your BERNINA Credit Card should you choose to finance your dream machine!!!  Please don't wait until May 14 to explore and sew on that 880 or 790 machine, but let us help you NOW!!!  Know which direction is best suited to you, your sewing, your needs.  Not financing?  Come see us now so we can get the machine and your chosen gift into your capable hands ASAP!  

Remember that we are offering a very special class to you on May 14 and 15:  it is for the 590, 790 and 880 BERNINA machines only, since these are the machines offering unique and top of the line possibilities, like pin point placement, embroidery editing in your machine, special capabilities of these 3 BERNINA machines.  If you've purchased your new 790 or 880 BERNINA during our May sale, this will be a "don't miss" class.  If you've purchased one of these machines at an earlier point in time, this is still a "don't miss" class for you.  Class price is very reasonable considering all the info. that you will learn over these two days.  Sign up early for this class since we expect it to fill quickly! 

An FYI for a three day class, beginning May 7 (also on the 18 and 19) is Bright Lights Big City, a scrappy traditional quilt.  Mary M. is back teaching with us for this one (she's chosen to reduce her teaching schedule so she can do more sewing!) so this is a great opportunity for you to join her again in a class.  She's another of our instructors who have forgotten more about sewing than I'll ever learn.  New to sewing?  Mary says that this is a good class for even a confident beginner, so don't miss it. 

May is a busy and full-calendar month for us, so check with us in-shop and online (www.sunvalleyquilts) often to see your classroom opportunities, as well as the new fabrics arriving daily.  Our sales rack has grown again since we need "new stuff space" so check that out also.  For our special of the week, let's make outdoor activities the special, at 20% off when you give us the code OUTDOOR20.  We have some new gnome summer fabrics (the gnomes are having an outdoor cookout!), panels or fabrics depicting BBQ fun, gardeners working in their garden, outdoor sports like golf and baseball.  We have so many more choices for you...just see what you can find in-shop or online!  Give us the code OUTDOOR20 and save$$$ on your wonderful fabric depicting outdoor fun.  If you're checking out fabrics online, check under the categories of Food/Drink, Sports/Games, Animals to find some of our fun fabrics.  If you're shopping in-store, check with us and we'll take you right to those categories.  The new golf cart panel is great, and there are always aprons to be made, even man cave fabrics (and Father's Day is coming up!!!).  Anyway, have fun with the ideas and stay in touch.  Love hearing from you and seeing you!
Barbara and the safe-keepers of my sanity at SVQ
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