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Bits and Pieces
August 4, 2020

I spent two days at home last week organizing my family/sewing room.....more about that later, because it could have a positive outcome for you.....but I watched the "kids" all that time, and saw the most amazing thing!  Murfee thinks he's a cowpuncher!!!  He's the new cowboy on the range, herding the cattle as he sees fit.  The cow he chose to punch, or corral, or keep in front of him and direct its moves, was none other than Wee Willie!  Now, Wee Willie is the tiniest of lhasa apsos, weighing in at about 12 pounds.  He's 14 years old, has always been the quiet one of the bunch, looks like an Ewok from Star Wars, and now thinks he's a cow.  I said he is adorably cute, not smart!  He moves left, and Murfee moves left, he swings right, and Murfee swings right, never taking his eyes off Willie, anticipating his every more, down on his front legs, rear in the air, ears and eyes perked for the "cow's" next move to get around him.  Murfee herds Willie to the back of the rug, Willie does a quick switch-a-roo and darts right past Murfee, to now face the opposite direction.  Murfee's on the move too, and gets in position to turn Willie back around to go where Murfee wants him to go.  They were fascinating to watch, very quiet, stealthy, determined to each have their own way.  Katie and Emi were on the sidelines, along with me, watching the action for about twenty minutes.  I think Willie gave up first, thinking he's just stay in position, but laying down.  Murfee hovered over him, sort of like a matador, claiming victory!  Willie fell asleep.  

Now, they've all been watching the show Yellowstone intently with me, and I wonder if that was their inspiration.  We've seen the ranchers and cowboys on the show herding and moving cattle, and maybe, just maybe, Willie and Murfee were acting out the scenes as they remembered them.  Anyway, in my house, on Sunday night, the Paramount channel, we don't miss Kevin Costner and this great show, so maybe my boys were just doing a little warm-up teaser for the upcoming Yellowstone.  Just to whet my appetite!  Or maybe not..... 

But my home organization has been a very good thing.  I have three faux oak Horn tables for sale, great prices on them.  They are in perfect condition, two have the cut-out and air lift system for the machine.  The cut-out measures 18.5" long by 11.25" deep, and I had my smaller 440 BERNINA QE and older 730 QEE on them.  The cut out isn't big enough for the bigger machines, so I lifted up the cut-out to make a solid, flat surface when I got my larger machines.  The two tables I'm talking about here are approx.. 42" long and include one drawer and a rear leaf.  And all three tables are on good casters, so easy to move.  The third table has no cut-out, is approx. 55" long,  two drawers across the top, no rear leaf, and I used it for my serger and embroidery table.  They are all Horn manufactured, and so the proper height for sewing, and look nice in a sewing room, allowing you to keep your machine available for sewing at any time.  So see if any of this might suit your needs, and come in and take a look.  They will all be great deals for you!  I have switched to the Unique Sewing Furniture tables.  They are all wood, proper height, drawers galore for my "stuff", and I make the distinction of their being furniture/sewing tables, as opposed to the Horn or Koala sewing tables.  You follow me here?  Both are good, but I prefer the solid wood.  I have many floor models on display in the shop, so come take a look.  I can easily change my BERNINA bobbin without having to move or lift my machine, a feature I love.  

Are you ever tired of pushing your fabric around to quilt?  Then check out our Q'nique by Grace August promos.  They are especially enticing this month.  You can purchase a Hoop Frame this month for $889, or you can upgrade to the NEW HOOP FRAME for an additional $300 in August.  The newest frame, The Hoop Frame PRO includes dual wheel tracks, table inserts and the cloth leaders, and the regular MSRP price in Sept. will be $1,899.95, instead of August's price of $1189.  So check it out NOW while the price is spectacular!!!  If you currently have the hoop frame, you can upgrade to this new format, by the way.  Come and talk to us for details, please. 

The biggest promotion from Grace/Q'nique is on the Q21 PRO, which has never been on sale before!  It has a 21" throat space, faster stitching capacity at 2,600 stitches per minute, very smooth feet (like Ginger Rogers feet!), more simple user controls, and a vibration reducing design that will astound you!!!  It also includes a low-bobbin indicator, stitch regulators,  and a larger touch screen for your comfort.  MSRP for this machine is $8999.95 but in August, we can offer a retail special price of just $7999.95 AND your purchase will include a FREE accessory pack valued at $1071.40, so that's over $2,000 IN SAVINGS!  But wait....this FREE PACK includes a 10' or 12' Luminess Light bar, ruler base, 4 packs of needles, 3 Leah Day Quilting Rulers, 4 piece Hopping Foot Set, 9 Piece Foot attachment kit, and an additional pack of bobbins.  Now, how's THAT for an August Special???  You drive the machine, not the fabric, for smoother and more controlled artistry on your quilt! 
Or you can bundle the Q21 PRO with any size Continuum Frame from Q'nique for a fraction more, including the goodies above!!!
Purchase the Q21 PRO from us and get QCT5 software for 30% off MSRP and under $5,000, or the Beginnings QCT5 for $3150. The 30% off automation is only valid for customers purchasing a new Q21 PRO!
WOW!!!  That's a whole lot of dealing going on right there, all with you in mind!  Take advantage of it while you can.  Also be aware that BERNINA's Swissmas Specials of GWPs are valid for you only through August 18.  And Christmas is coming, just down the road, so why not pick out your present NOW and collect goodies valued at from $448 to $2805, depending on which machine fits you and your needs/wants!

We're still not open for classes in the shop yet, so this is a great time for you to get really in tune with your machine of dreams, play and experiment more, spread your sewing wings for gifts and quilts and wall hangings and holiday table d├ęcor projects with the knowledge that we are here to help if you want to call us or come in.  You buy a machine from SVQ and you get a piece of all of us; we've got your back with problems should any arise, we have certified techs in the back capable of dealing with most any machine brand, we love to help you pick out fabrics for projects, and we stock what we consider the best threads, tools and notions for your needs.  We aim to please, and we know you appreciate it.  Besides, if you should need herding in a different direction, we always can call on Murfee to help us all!  Hope to hear from you soon, and stay well!!!  Our special code for the week will be BESTBATIKS20, for 20% off in-store or on-line batik purchases of one yard or better when you give us the code. 

Barbara and the batik beauties at SVQ

PS ~ If you've purchased a Bernina 435, 475 or 480 we currently have in stock a new large Sew Steady table bundled with a carrybag for both immediate gratification and a savings over our everyday pricing. There is only one available in stock... let us know if you'd like to make it yours!     
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