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December 3, 2019

You won't believe my latest Ms. Katie (the golden/Irish 4 year old) has turned a new leaf.  With all the rain we had over Thanksgiving, I naturally had standing water, and Katie became "Miss Priss"!  She didn't want to get her precious little (!) feet wet.  Didn't care for the wind, either, but it seemed to be all about the feet.  Up until now, she loved to run and splash through the water and make a mess, but now, viola! she doesn't want to get wet.  Maybe it's that "becoming like a teenager-girly thing" ...from the rough and tumble tomboy to a lady???  I think not...I think she was just having an off day, wanting to be a total couch potato and enjoy the warmth and quiet of the day.  It's like she became someone else's "kid" and, sad to say, I want Our Miss Katie back!!!  I've grown so used to her take-over attitude that I miss it, even when it meant drying her off, cleaning the mud from her toes and tummy, trying to get her to sit still long enough to wipe off her face and clear the mud from her nose.  I guess we'll just have to wait for the next storm to see "Will the REAL Katie Connoyer Please Stand UP?"  Emi, however, the same age, is still the mudball she's become.  No change in her, except her legs are so short (lhasa apso) that the water can come up to her tummy and she doesn't want to be cleaned up.  She revels in her muddy face and body, feeling proud and powerful! 
Well, I hope you had a very cozy and fulfilling Thanksgiving and found limitless things to be thankful for in your life.  I know that I did, and had aspirations of getting my Christmas tree up on Thursday, but I think I was weighted down by too much food.  That actually gave me something more to be thankful for because I got it decorated on Friday when I was stuck at home all day.  I was ready to work, but my roads were flooded and impassable, and I had something fun to do since football seemed to be the only thing on tv.  But I'm nearly done decorating, and hope you are too.  Christmas comes quickly this year, since Thanksgiving was later in Nov., so that means we all have to get our groove going.  

The shop is busy with LeAnn's three day camp of Photos To Quilts, and if you haven't signed up for it, you might want to stop in and see the process at work.  LeAnn is a true artist with the soul of a quilter, and she's managed to combine these two facets very well.  She will not only teach the technique but will also help you develop your senses of observation, color, special placement and so much more.  She has won many awards for this process, and you get to choose your own favorite photo to develop into a quilt.  When she next teaches the camp, you will be prepared and anxious to get started! 
The Quilt and Chats , A and B take place Monday and C on Tuesday morning, as usual.  This is a great opportunity, for just $5, to come in and get caught up or even ahead, on your projects, with Barb T. here to help you over any rough spots.   

SEW SMART will be Dec. 14, so try to make this one.  It's a FREE Event, designed to give you knowledge and power over your sewing world!  It is scheduled for the second Saturday morning of each month, and different topics will be presented.  We also discuss briefly and demo when possible, the BERNINA special tool of the month.  Buy it that day and receive an additional 5% off the price.  Buy it any other day of the month and receive 25% off!  We try!!!  The special topic this month will be Machine Maintenance and issues, presented by our certified technicians Jan and Zoltan.  If you don't have a BERNINA, that's fine since what they're going to discuss will apply to any machine, and we will go into the theories behind the Do's and Don'ts, plus we'd be happy to sell you a new machine!!!  But selling new ones is not the thrust of the event...rather, it is to help you maintain and protect what you currently have.  Bring nothing to the event but a smile and a willingness to learn more, in a concise format, and bring any questions for our techs.  Just a reminder that we do repairs on all brands of machines, and our turn-around time is still at a week or less if possible.  That's our goal, and so far, we've been very successful at meeting this goal.  So plan to be here by 9:30 on 12-14 and have a pleasant learning experience.  

Just a reminder that Kimber Krew will be on Dec. 20, so please sign up and tell us whether you want the morning or afternoon class.  The project will be Pocket Tags, like luggage tags, but great for money or gift card giving at the holiday season.  They're easy and fast to make, , keepsake-able, way better than merely placed in a Christmas card which can get thrown out, and more!  You'll have time to make lots of them before Christmas.  And this is when time is of the essence to us all!!!  

All Christmas fabrics will be 15% off one yard cut or better, when you tell us you know that's the special fabric of the week.  Our special panel of the week will also be at $6 while supplies last.  Enjoy your week, remember that we can play Santa for you or anyone in your family to help gift you with any of the BERNINA SWISSMAS DEALS, the Q'nique very special offers, those special tables and chests for your sewing room, sewing chairs, and oh, so much MORE!!!  You're nice to everyone in your life...maybe it's the right time for you to be nice to yourself.  And we're here to help with all your needs and wants.  And I'll be sure to let you know if the change in Ms. Katie is a temporary one or permanent one...time will tell!  Hope to see you soon with your Wish List in tow.
Santa Barbara and the Christmas Crew at SVQ waiting to help You
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