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Bits and Pieces
February 16, 2021

This morning, I felt like I needed some inspiration.  And indeed, I got inspired by Art Quilting!  Deb educated and entertained us with her trunk show of many various types, styles and inspirations for art quilts and the many ways they can fit into our lives.  She took suggestions from attendees as to what types of art quilts they would like to make, went over the "No Rules" aspect, talked about expanding our horizons to begin to look for the mundane as well as unusual things around us which can be incorporated into our quilts to make them more artful, more unique and truly our own creations.  I used to be a spinner (not the kind on a bike!) so I have collected many various fibers over the years, from real camel hair to goat and yak hair, unwashed wool, pure silk, roving, linen and much more to use when I made unloomed weavings.  I will be sharing lots of these with Deb for her classes, as well as old buttons, beads, leather, feathers (even some of Rickie the Amazon parrot's red tail feathers!), and costume jewelry.  I got so charged up,  letting my imagination run wild.  Her samples were inspirational.....I have always wanted a Memorial Section in the shop, devoted to pets and people in our lives, some no longer with us, but I didn't know how to begin to capture the essence and image of that loved one, but I think I'm going to learn that from her classes.  The ones I tried making in the past were just too one-dimensional, too flat.  I'm looking forward to this!  And to being able to use and share some of my collective findings with you.  Check out her different offerings on our website at www.sunvalleyquilts, under the Fiber Arts heading, and see what inspires you to new heights! 

Classes are still pretty skinny right now, so give us a call if you're wondering if a class has been cancelled.  At this time, Barbara H. will be here for her One Block Wonder class on Wed. Andi will be with us Thursday and again on Sat. with a repeat class on FMQ Designs on the LongArm, from 9:30-12:30.  You need not have participated in previous classes to attend, and you will be practicing on our longarm machines at the shop.  

We are going to try to bring you KimberKrew on Friday morning, where the project will be making gift tags, and on Monday, we are scheduled for the Kimberbell Fill In the Blanks class where you will be making some great ombre kitchen towels.  Expect to be able to finish the projects in the class time.  For the Fill in the Blanks class, join us in our classroom for $15 and you will get the towels, design and Jan's assistance. Additional kits will be available for $12.99 with the towels and designs if you want to make more or want to work on this at home.  We also have the embellishments for your towels available for you to purchase.  Take the class for $15 and get all of the above for one low price.  We intend to repeat our first Blanks class (the denim tote with lights on it) at a later date for you.  Or you can make the purchase and make your tote at home.  Your choice!

Tuesday, 2-23, Marilyn will be teaching Rulers Can Quilt, aimed at beginners, from 9:30-4, and a more advanced class on Wed.  She has just completed a new and very inspirational quilt using a new floral panel, quilted petal by petal with the rulers.  What fun!  Keeps your hands and mind active, makes your flowers really stand out as beautiful, no two will be alike, and you'll get lots of practice getting your coordination down using your domestic machine and a large or small variety of rulers.  Ask her when you come to class about how much fun she had and how inspired she got making this sample for the shop!!!!  We both LOVE the finished product, and you can choose to quilt just one flower, or all four.  Add a few borders for a full quilt or throw, or chop the flowers apart and have an array of pillows!  

To give you even more inspiration and education, we have signed on our shop to present you with additional virtual classes from Sew Steady Educators.  Our first of the virtuals is scheduled for March 1.  Titled "From Beginner to Quilt" Series, the 8 series process uses Westelee Designs Sampler Template Set, Ruler Foot Starter Set. Spacing Gague, Outer Rim Tool and Crosshair Ruler.  You may sign up for one or for all eight in the series and you will be guided through a quilt as you go project.  Enjoy the video based class series live on the day and time given.  Click on the link provided, and know that you will have until May 30 to watch the video   You can even win prizes and get event special pricing directly from Westelee and Sew Steady.  This series is just the first of the upcoming things we're providing for you virtually, and then you will likely choose to join in Marilyn's Rulers Can Quilt classes with more confidence!  Practice and follow-through...a great way to learn and master a new skill! 

I hope I have inspired you today, after reading this, and I hope you'll come in for a visit, sign up for some classes virtually or in our classroom where we can socially distance.  Remember:  there's so much to learn, so much to do, sew little time!!!  Let's not let covid or the cold weather keep us down; let's get crackin' and enjoy what we DO have placed upon our plate!  With that thought in mind, let's make all fabrics with food and/or drinks 20%off this week, on line or in shop.  Use the code 20FOOD20Drinks as our special code to get you the discount.  We're anxious to move some fabric.....we're replenishing our Clearance section constantly, and we're getting brand new fabrics in almost daily, so we want our fabrics to ebb and flow just like the peaceful tides we'd love to touch our toes into, letting the mind stretch and wander, looking ahead and forward, breathing in, breathing out, slowing down while being productive.  For shock value, let me add that we have over 144 bolts of fabrics and panels specially priced for you at $5-$7, and our clearance fabrics always priced at just $6 yard, so we hope to see you soon, in shop or online.  And thanks!
Barbara and the inspirations abounding at SVQ, be they staff, shoppers, friends, classmates, instructors.......
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