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February 19, 2019
I said last week that I'd have some Katie stories for you.  Right now, my biggest Katie story is the fact that I've been thinking that she's three, and she's actually four years old!  Already!  And I missed a year in there somewhere, somehow!  Maybe that's why I don't have bunches of stories about her.  The little girl is growing up (sniff, sniff).  She has been better behaved lately, but I just thought that she had passed "the terrible twos", and yes, dogs have them also, just like kids.  But somehow, we just went zipping past those years.  And Emi Lee the llhasa is the same age as Katie.  And they're both still in the puppy stage in the way they play and run together, so maybe I'm the only one who's gotten older.  But Katie's become more patient and gentile when she plays with the other kids, and she'll even back off (a little!) when the two little ones play, so maybe that's a sign of maturity.  Now, there are two words I never thought I'd see together-Katie and maturity!   

She has taken to trying to talk, lately, and of all my "puppies/kids" that I've had, she's the one who would like to be able to speak.  Her latest trick is to stare at me or at Emi and do a low, guttural "rahl rahl rahl", wait for a response, and repeat incessantly.  If she talked as much as she runs daily, I'd probably be crazier than ever.  But I do wonder what all she's have to say.  And Emi is much more observant than Katie, so if Emi" spilled" everything she saw over to Katie, they'd either have me laughing or crying.  Emi is only 15 pounds, so she fits easily on the couch, and has taken to scratching her back while grunting and groaning and rolling from one end to the other.  She makes a lot of noise scratching her back; she caught Katie's attention the other night, so Katie tried to do what Emi does.  She got the noises Emi makes down right, but only until our Ms. Katie rolled and fell off the couch.  She has no concept of her size (Irish setter lean and lanky) and could stretch from arm to arm on the couch, so you can just imagine the sound as she hit the floor!  Hasn't tried that trick lately, I must say, and has chosen to roll instead on the king size bed.......
Well, as we all roll into the week, NOT grunting and groaning, Mastery classes are being held Wed. for those of you who purchased new BERNINAs from us!  And then we prepare for our last out-of-shop show with the Palo Verde Patchers, being held Sat. and Sun.  Location is in Sun City West, 13800 W. Deer Valley Drive, from 9-4.  This is a great show, held every other year, featuring a raffle quilt which is hand appliqued and hand quilted, raffle baskets, a boutique, special exhibits, a quilt appraiser, and SVQ as one of the special vendors!!!!!  These shows feature a lot of work in the quilt making, show set up, organization and more, so please try to come by.  Be sure to see us, also, because we will have many specials for you at the show.   

Remember that Pajama Mamas will be held this Friday.  It's open to any of you, so come join in, meet people, shop with us after hours, ask Shari for help if you need it.  It's a relaxed, fun evening of working on your own projects.   

Don't forget Katie Winn's Long Arm Quilting 101 class, Part 1 of 2, on Sat. from 9:30-12:30.  This is a hands-on class which will cover all the basics including quilt variables, muscle memory, and more, and why these things are important.  Build your skills with Katie's guidance.  She began her quilting career making custom quilts, so she has lots of information.  She is also one of our recommended quilters for those of you who prefer to quilt by checkbook, and we have samples of her work throughout the shop.  If you have recently purchased one of our Q'nique machines, or have other brands but need help, this is an excellent class for you.  Even if you're thinking about a Q'nique, take the class and practice on our machine to see how comfortable you can become.  And remember that a Q15R which includes stitch regulators, plus a Q Zone Queen Frame and a 10' light bar (as a gift from SVQ to YOU) can be purchased for about $5,000 TOTAL!!!!  We ship FREE to your home, even!!!  

New BERNINA machines are rolling in!  We have the new 475 and 480 machines on the floor!!!  These machines will be big sellers, I think, because they have the new giant bobbin system, adjustable pressure foot adjustment, decorative stitches and different alphabets, auto. thread cutters, thread assist, LED lights. 5.5 mm stitch width on the 475 PE and 9MM on the 480.  And of course, the newer jumbo bobbins, never before available on the smaller machines.  And if your budget can stretch a bit, you can move into the 5 or 7 or 8 series machines.  We can make it work for YOU.
We will be getting Rosie Lysinger's sample of Dinner Plate Dahlia back in any day now (she had to enter it in the Tucson Quilt Show) and there's still room in her paper piecing camp beginning March 4-8.  Sign up NOW so you can get your pattern and begin to cut, bag and tag for the camp.   

Stitch and Sew ($10) with Barb will be Monday, and Modern Millies with Mary on Tuesday.  This rounds out the week, so no one falls out of sync. 
St. Patrick's Day is closing in, so all fabrics containing green will be 15% off to you when you mention that the special color of the week is green.  Half-yard cut or more.  We just rolled in some new wideback fabrics, and I'm drooling over one in particular.  Come take a look and see if you can guess which one!  My typing hands are starting to roll over, so I'd better be done now.  Thanks for shopping with us (you keep us in business, after all!) and we hope to see you soon.....
Barbara and the Sun City Rollers and Rockers at SVQ
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