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Bits and Pieces
February 23, 2021

This past week has been one of ups and downs for me, but the ups have definitely out-weighed the downs!  As it should be, right???  I had my first covid shot on Wed. afternoon, and I had absolutely no issues, not even a sore arm.  Mainly because I tried to keep that big muscle moving to move the shot along.  So that's the good news.  In the shop on Monday, we had a couple of running toilet issues as well as a wiggling toilet, so I called the plumber for a quick fix.  As we talked, we started talking about my home water heaters, although I don't know why this became a topic of conversation, but I realized mine had never been changed since the house was built in 2004.  And like any good plumber, he put the flooding fear in my mind, so I scheduled him to come in on Thursday.  Bad news.  Both were very corroded, possibly ready to give way this year, and we caught it in time.....good news.  Then my shot side effects kicked in.....bad news.  Chills, small fever, body aches...more bad news.  But by the next day-ish, they were all gone...good news!  Now I feel great, and ready for the second shot...good news!  So what more good news can I share...let's see. 

Wed.'s class is Rulers Can Quilt, for the more advanced ruler quilter worker.  Class time is 9:30-4, so you can set up at 9-ish and be ready to go.  On Thursday, we have a private event in the classroom. 

Now, for some things new for you.  I spoke about this last week, but the time is here for some virtual classes we are sponsoring for you.  The first is Monday, March 1, and it is a one at a time class, or sign up for all 8 virtual classes.  The advantage of signing up once for all eight classes is that you will have until May 30 to re-watch them as you practice.  These classes are offered by Sew Steady instructors, and as I said, they will be hands-on classes for you.  The name of this class is "From Beginner to Quilt" and will be using the Westelee Designs Template set, Ruler Foot Starter Set, Spacing Gauge, Outer Rim Tool and Crosshair Ruler.  Here is the link for you to click on if you haven't already done so:

With signup, you can win prizes, get special event pricing directly from Westelee and Sew Steady, work at your own pace.  If you have more questions or know that this is a hot quilting method for you, join Marilyn's monthly classes titled Rulers Can Quilt.  There are so many rulers and ways to use them, and Marilyn has explored many of them for you.  She has even explored how many different patterns you can get from just one ruler, like she did on her Valentine's sample, so you get your money's worth on the rulers!  

While we're talking about virtual classes, I can give you additional opportunities to explore more.  But you MUST SIGN UP on the links provided here!  We are featuring Kate Quinn's Feather Fantasy 2 part event:  part 1 will be live on 3-17-21at 9-11 Az. time, and Feather Fantasy Part 2 live on 3-24 at 12-2 Az. time.  You can buy each class individually for $10, or both for $15 with your sign ups.  Kate will go deep into the Westelee Design Feathers showing many designs in a finished wall quilt.  This class will also have an optional pattern for purchase including written finishing instructions.  Again, there will be prizes and special event pricing on items! 
We have more special, live events you need to be aware of also.  Fiberworks Collage with Leann will be March 4 and 5....you requested more of these from Leann, so here they are.  Class will start at 10 each day, allowing for set up time at 9.  

Also with Leann is her wonderful Photos To Quilts three part series, March 10, 11 and 12.  You must see her samples in the classroom, and just how realistic they are.  She has won countless awards with this technique, and you will continue to learn new things with every one of her classes.  Please join us.....we want to keep her grounded in teaching with us and not just becoming more famous through her award winning quilts!!!  March has a very full schedule for us, but we can keep social distancing, masks and more since safety is still a paramount concern for all of us. 
Rounding out the class info is Paper Piecing Palooza with Andi Tuesday morning (3-2-21from 9:30-2:00This class is for anyone working on any paper piecing project; Andi will be here to help you over any rough spots if you need help, but there is no specific planned project you must work on.  It's one good way to get back into the swing of paper piecing, sewing with other piecing enthusiasts (like me!), and ensure that your projects keep moving forward.  They don't like sitting in a dark closet, being overlooked.....they want to grab the attention with "ooh's" and "ahhh's" once finished.  We can make that happen!
For an online (www.sunvalleyquilts.com) and in shop special, choose any of our special sewing fabrics at 20% off regular price when you supply the code.  The code will be:  SEWING20.  We have just gotten in some new ones, already shown online, that just might catch your attention.  Since you're going to be signing up for the virtual ruler classes, why not make yourself a tote to keep them all in?!?!  Sewing fabric on the outside, sewing supplies on the inside.  Easy to grab and go or grab and use! 

So now you're getting more excited about new methods and projects and classes....and you might just want to check into a new BERNINA.  For the month of March, we are offering
BERNINA5, 7 and 8 Series machines at 20% off!   Wow!!! Is that a deal.  Come and talk with us about which one best suits you and your budget, and remember that SVQ has the lowest SALES TAX in the valley at just 6.3%, and that often means a lot to you!   And less to the state, I might add, so I figure it's better handled in your pocket than in the state's!  And if you're still on the fence about V8.2 BERNINA Embroidery software, you have through Feb. to make the purchase AND receive a FREE HOOP of your choice! 
So that's all for now, and see, I had nothin' but good news to share!  I'm happy about that.  We hope to see and talk with you soon, and don't forget to get signed up for all the newsworthy things I've talked about here. 
Barbara and "The Good News Crews" at SVQ(s)
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