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Bits and Pieces
January 12, 2020

How does the following sound to you:  an online learning experience that you can experience in your jammies if you want, tips and techniques to make a project easier and better, expert teaching from the home offices of the products, specialized instruction in free standing lace, and all for FREE?!?!  Sounds like a great way to spend an hour or so tomorrow morning at 10 Arizona time.  And all you have to do is sign up!!!  You will also receive discounts of 25% off those select items which you choose to order.  You may even be one of the lucky ones to win a prize.  All just by signing up.  You don't even have to live in this state to participate with us.  The only other contact you'll receive is a reminder via your email that the event will begin about an hour before start time.  And all you have to do is sign up.  And the link will be good for you to use for 24 hours following the live event if need be.  So.....here is the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sun-valley-quilts-virtual-embroidery-event-tickets-133359328341 

On Thursday, we still have room for our Jump Start Quilt Class, with the second part of the camp being 1-16.  Andi will be teaching the beginnings and basics of quilting, so this is a great class for those of you stepping into the world of quilts.  Learn the proper techniques rather than having to guess or watch tons of UTubes that you later have to unlearn.  You will be learning many different patterns and techniques, so being your own machine and everything it takes to run your machine, and be sure to get the supply list.  This is a great beginner's class!!! 

KimberKrew is Friday morning!!!  We have received lots of new Kimberbell notions and supplies, and Jan is here to teach a free standing lace project creating a really unique and pretty lace envelope.  You should be able to complete it in class time, and maybe have time for more...love that!!  To clarify, this is our regular KimberKrew class, and the NEW Kimberbell Fill In the Blank class is scheduled to kick off Friday, February 5th with the January project "Sparkle Like You Mean It" tote. Each month a new project is scheduled for the fourth Monday of every month. Our Sparkle Tote is in the store now for you to view. Jan will be working to get the sample ready for the February project (class date 2/22) as soon as the supplies arrive.  She has so many good ideas as to how to make your projects truly unique to you.  So, two different classes, two different projects, a chance to double your pleasure and double your fun! 

Jan. 18 features OESD Embroidery at 9-noon, featuring towels.  Again, a completed project to take home, but sign up and get the supply list please.  The afternoon follows with Software Inspirations, from 1-4.  Here, you will be learning about what artwork to choose to make a great design.  All artwork is not created equal!    And if you're still wanting more embroidery, come in for Jan's Embroidery:  Open Sew class where you can work on any embroidery project of your choosing.  With Jan to guide you, and remember that Jan is a master with embroidery, frequently using metallic threads, a skill she mastered long ago!
One Block Wonder class will be Wed., 1-20-21, and you can pick up with Barbara's instruction at any point.  Not everyone will be starting at the same time or place, but don't worry, because Barbara H. is able to handle this.  The results are amazing, and my OBW is one of my favorite quilts!  But I couldn't have done it without Barbara's excellent instruction. 
We are still adding/changing classes for the upcoming year, so please keep checking.  Our list of instructors is growing, also, as are the classes we'll be offering you, so check our website (www.sunvalleyquilts.com) often and stay with us on classes, dates, times, etc.  We will reach our usual good stride pretty soon, but don't be afraid to contact us with questions!
Until the end of the month, we can offer you some pretty exciting deals on our Q'nique mid- and longarm frames and machines.  Prices are still phenomenal, and we try to put together the absolute best package for you.  Our footprint on a new frame can be from under 5' to 12', there are numerous machines which can be used on these frames, you can add software, lasers, pantographs, and more to suit your particular desires.  

And so, with all of that, I remind you to sign up by clicking the link above for the Free Standing Lace Event, which is indeed, FREE to you.  And I also offer you a special discount this week on our BATIKS!  Now, I love batiks, so we have an entire wall, front to back, top to bottom, of batiks, with more coming, of course.  So use the code of 20BATIKS to get 20% off any and all batiks from us, one yard cut or better, for the next week when you give us the code.  The code, again, is:  20BATIKS.  Until we talk with you or see you again, have a great week, stay well, keep smiling, keep creating, keep enjoying all the big and little things in your life.  Oh, and if you can keep shopping with us at SVQ, that would be GREAT too!  Remember...we have more new and exciting things to offer you very, very soon, so stay tuned!
Barbara and the quilt trekkers at Sun Valley Quilts
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