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Bits and Pieces
January 26, 2021

Gnomes.....how cute are they?  Did you know that they are known for more than just cuteness?  They are symbols of good luck!  Oh, my gosh, we should cover our homes with gnomes then!!!  Originally, they were thought to provide protection(???), especially of buried treasures and minerals in the ground.  Today, they are used to watch over crops and livestock, or tucked into barn rafters or placed in the garden.  For me, they just make me smile!  And of course, whenever I see them from the different fabric vendors, I have to order more.  We have some in the Christmas area, and we just got in a new big collection titled "Hangin' With My Gnomies", pictured here and perfect for spring and summer.  And then there are the new Christmas collections which will start arriving about June or July, so be on the lookout!  Like "Gnome For the Holidays", and that just gets my mind spinning to come up with more phrases or titles using the word "gnomes".  Can you come up with some?  Let me know, and I'll print them in the next newsletter! 

I actually think some of our Christmas "Timber Gnomes" got in and stole all of our time for January.....this is the last week of our first month in 2021.  Where did the time go???  Since I don't know, I think I'll blame the gnomes, which watch over livestock, and that's close enough to be Bubba Murfee, so Murf probably dug a deep hole and buried January and the gnomes are overseeing everything.  At least, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. 

Upcoming this week are the Rulers Can Quilt classes;  for beginners on Wed. and for more advanced on Thursday.  Both classes are from 9:30-4-ish. 
A new class with Mary M. Ultimate Quilt Block Collection
starts on Friday, 1-29 and is a three-parter.  Class time is 9-2 and the quilt sample is in the classroom.  I love looking at it every day, and is almost a block-of-the-month technique, since each block is different, and therefore, you will be doing many different designs.  Mary is just the most wonderful teacher, so you will be moving through this class with great competency.  And then, of course, you will have some homework, but it won't be work as you make your blocks!  There is still room in the class, so please sign up by phone or online!  

On Tuesday morning, 9:30-12:30, Andi will be here teaching Paper Piecing Palooza,  a paper piecing method which I love.  Learn the basic techniques, and you don't have to spend a lot of money to do that, decide if you like the process, and then branch out into small and large projects.  The only paper piecing that I've done have been Judy Niemeyer projects, and I love seeing the parts go together into wedges, but there are lots of projects available to us.  And I take that last statement back-I've also done a Jacqueline DeJonge smaller paper piecing piece, and I made it following the pattern, which I never could have done without taking a few method/technique classes.  So consider this class to learn more about paper piecing. 

One look later into the week is our new Kimberbell Fill In the Blanks class with Jan. For this first project, you will be making the adorable and unique tote---Sparkle Like You Mean It!  You can get the blank tote and pattern for a mere $12.99, but it's way better to take the class, learn the tips from Jan, purchase the embellishment kit which includes the battery operated lights on the outside of the tote, which in my opinion, totally makes the statement!  For $25, you get the bare kit, sewing in the classroom, Jan as instructor, and the embellishment kit, all combined into one total kit.  Each month, we will sponsor a new Fill In the Blanks project, with a sample for you to oogle over, as a total package for you.  You should then leave with your finished project, embellished to the max!!!  Come in and get set up at 9, give Jan a chance to get your design downloaded onto your USB stick (we have them for sale here, also) and get prepared to have fun.  Official class will start at 9:30.  As a reminder, this is an ADDITIONAL class to our usual KimberKrew monthly projects (the Feb. KK class will be 2-19-21, and the project will be gift tags). 

And don't forget to sign up for Deb Deaton's FREE Trunk Show and Intro. To Art Quilting, which will be our February SEW SMART Event, always the second Sat. of each month, where we tackle different issues or extend new info. to you.  This event is intended to educate you on the hows and whys of quilting and choosing the best products for your needs.  We would like to give Deb a big SVQ welcome, so try your best to attend and see what art quilting is all about! 

We are awaiting delivery from Grace on the new tabletop Cutie frame, and we have mid- and longarm machines in for you to try out.  This small, lightweight, easy to assemble frame could just be your intro into the world of longarming.  It is capable of handling a king size quilt, as well as your domestic machine or Q'nique's 15" or 19" machine, which could then be moved over to a larger frame if you choose.  We are offering quilt design classes for you also, so check us out.  Prices are fabulously low on frames and machines!!!

We are getting shipments of our BERNINA orders, also, so don't hesitate to check out these wonderful machines, and know that SVQ and BERNINA can find a great match just for you, keeping your needs and budget in mind.  It is also of great importance to us that, when you purchase a machine from SVQ, that we totally support you through our personal teacher taught Mastery classes.  Bring us your questions and issues...we're here to help you!  We want you to feel as bonded with your machine purchased with us as we feel with our own machines! 

For our special of the week, both in shop and online, let's do florals at 20% off (one yard cut or better) when you give us the code of 20FLOWERS.  This will then give our gnomes a further purpose in life.....to guard over our floral quilts to keep us healthy and happy!!!  We hope to see you and talk with you soon!
Barbara and all the bloomin' gnomies at SVQ
Remember: To gnome is to love me
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