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Bits and Pieces
July 28, 2020

This past week has been a fun one for me....and for you, even though you didn't know it or know why it was fun.  The fabric vendors are just now starting to venture back into the shops, and I had lots and lots of fabrics to look at which are supposed to ship immediately and for the next four months.  That's fun!  Remember that the manufacturers and their warehouses are located throughout the country, and they have all been shut down or limited in hours just like we have been.  And much of the greige (grey) goods, the base cloth we use, has been coming from China for many years now, so another glitch in our quilting world. But last week seemed more normal.  I met with fabric line representatives for four days, and have a few more meetings this week.  The long term effects of covid  sometimes seem to be never-ending, don't they?  Some solid colors are still on  backorders, like navy, black and white, but they will be shipping very soon.  Many people are still working from their homes, even though we begin to feel a slight loosening up of our situation.   

Although everyone is still highly concerned about the virus, I think we're all handling it pretty well.  More people have gotten back in to sewing and are finding it fun again!  That's great.  I almost feel sorry for the men whose hobbies involved things that they cannot do right now.  The women I've talked to seem to have adapted better, faster to staying at home more.  Of course, sewing and quilt making have kept men and women busy and creating for many years now.  A lot of you are saying that, since you're spending more time at home and sewing, you're looking for a better machine that better suits your newer needs.  I LOVE hearing that!!!  And so, through August 18, BERNINA is offering some new bells and whistles, in the form of FREE Gifts With Purchases, on many of their machines.  We are also able to offer you zero interest financing for UP TO 60 MONTHS through August 4.  We are holding Mastery Classes with a walking, talking,  live, hands-on instructor, when you purchase your machine from us, and these classes are FREE also.  You spend good money on your purchase, and we're here to help you get up close and personal with her, to bond with her, to appreciate all that she can do for you to make your sewing life better, easier, more fun.  And we're always available for that "Oh, I forgot to ask this" type of question.  We may be asked to spend more of our time at home, so we might as well find a great way to enjoy ourselves, right???  

And we have been ordering quite a few ergonomically correct and oh-so-comfortable sewing chairs for your back, neck, shoulders and legs.  You can choose from some features like casters, upholstery design and colors, height and more, so don't miss out.....get it now so you can enjoy it longer!  

There is also now a lot of interest in the Q'nique frames and long arms.  Prices are VERY AFFORDABLE, products are VERY DEPENDABLE.  One of the frames, the hoop frame, is only about 5' long and yet capable of quilting a king sized quilt!!!  It is built to hold many sizes of machines, from your own domestic machine, to a 19" Q'nique (19" throat space) machine.  Have the desire for more???  We can offer up to a 12' Grace frame (heavy duty) with up to a 21" machine.  The choices are there for you.  We can offer you financing.  Prices can start at about $1,000 for the frame and move up from there, depending on your needs/wants.  We're here to help you sort these things out.  Shipping is FREE in the contiguous states, and will come to your home.  What a great way to spend your time at home in a very fulfilling way!!!  Just come in, check out Grace and Q'nique online, call us with questions, do a little sewing before you buy!  What more can we do???  Make an appointment or just drop in.  Your choice.  We have quite a few specials we can offer you, and we will do what we can to custom fit your budget to your purchase.  We are here for you: walking, talking, planning and showcasing with YOU at the center of the equation.  

Our hours are still 9-2 Monday-Saturday, due to covid.  Classroom is still dark, like the showrooms in Las Vegas, until things settle out more and the numbers come down.  But soon......we'll be back in full swing there, too, and Kimberbell will be one of our first camps.  We have the sample quilt and the follow-up bench pillow for you to see, hanging In the classroom.   

PANELS20.......the new code for online and in shop specials.  Get one or get many.....they will be 20% off when you give us the special code!  We have lots for you to choose from, and this will include all the soft books that we have, also.  Remember that the soft books are quick and easy to make, and have the directions printed right on the panel for you to follow.  Just add batting, and even  embellishments if you choose.  And as for the panels, we've tried to get in some interesting pattern treatments for them, or you can easily just add borders.  Almost all of them have companion fabrics which you can use for your borders!  They make great gifts, seasonal wall hangings, can be sized to fit your available space, can even be quilted by you on your domestic machine with echo quilting, ruler quilting, or stitch in the ditch quilting.  Stock up while you can....you may have some upcoming weeks at home to work on them!!!!  Hope to hear from you soon, shop with us in store or online ( www.sunvalleyquilts.com) or by phone (623-972-2091) .  Thanks for reading and enjoying the newsletter; your comments inspire me!  Hope to hear from you soon.
Barbara and the inspired crew at SVQ
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