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Bits and Pieces
July 7, 2020

Today, let's do business before pleasure.....first order of business is that we will be having condensed hours starting Wed., 7-8-2020 due to the virus and the nasty numbers we're seeing.  I hate to do this, but I'd rather err on the side of caution.  So our new hours, until further notice, will be from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.  With the heat that is now also upon us, it's now more comfortable to shop in the morning when it's cooler.  Some of our people are also opting to stay home during this high number phase of the virus in our area, but they will all be back ASAP, and we're glad for that!  

Second order....classes.  For now, classes are still placed on hold until further notice.  We're all jumping at the bit to get them back, but it's still safety first.  So, for now, Kimberbell Kamp, scheduled for July 21-24, is in limbo.  We'll push that decision to go or cancel out another week.  But rest assured, we will be having the Kamp at the earliest possible time this year so you'll all be ready for the holidays.  The same thing goes for the companion bench pillow class from Ramona Hooker scheduled for Aug. 3.  We'll have kits for this class available for you, so this will make things a bit easier for you and we can make a last minute "go or don't go" decision.  Keep following the newsletter and checking the website for the latest info., and don't hesitate to call us at 623-972-2091 either.   

Third order.....Jeri is in good contact, I believe, regarding Mastery Classes.  We are offering them, the classroom is not overly full, and you can still move forward with your new machine training.  If you're uncomfortable coming in, get up close and personal with your manual and call us if trouble spots come up.  Then when covid subsides, call us or we'll call you to schedule the classes.  This way, you don't miss a thing.  

Fourth order.....SVQ and BERNINA are sporting yet another fabulous "Swissmas In July" sale.  Dates are July 17-August 18 for great savings on the 880 Plus machines down to the 435 models.  These machines feature great pricing with FREE GIFTS included with every one of the included models.  Gift savings range from $2,805 for the 880 Plus, 790 Plus and 590 E to $448 gift savings on the 535, 480, 475 QE and 435 machines!!!!!  We have brochures for you to pick up, and you can check out all the facts on our website at www.sunvalleyquilts.com.  So you can shop from home, make your final choices, then come in and sew on your choices to see what really fits your needs/wants.  This is an excellent chance to upgrade your machine and get Free Bells and Whistles that you've been wanting.
Fifth order.....on July 24 through August 4, we can offer wonderful financing opportunities to you for all purchases of $999 or more made with your BERNINA Credit Card, ranging from 60 months down to 24 months, all at ZERO INTEREST TO YOU!  And you still get the freebies!!!   

Sixth order....we are offering a special bundle package for our Unique Sewing Furniture with the purchase of a new machine.  We are offering the models that we carry in stock and have on the floor to show you at 35% off MSRP!   It will never be any better pricing!  Our tables are shown in Natural Oak, for the most part, but there are other woods available at slightly higher prices.  The tables and chests are made for the perfect sewing height to alleviate back, neck and shoulder problems.  You can proudly have your sewing furniture and machine in any room of your home and leave your machine accessible for sewing at any time.  The furniture is both classy, beautiful and functional for you, and the chests and tables with drawers will hold a multitude of sewing "stuff" in one place.  There are drawers for threads, stabilizers, hoops and even your embroidery unit for when you are piecing.  All neat, tidy, clean and functional.  This special we are combining with the Swissmas" special, and will run from now until the end of August.  Tables, chests and thread cabinets can be delivered directly to your home in this area for a mere $300 charge, no assembly of course!  

If you already have your machine, we will extend this same offer on the Unique Sewing Furniture, and you will be amazed at the price as well as quality.  Prices are comparable to both Horn and Koala tables, and sometimes less expensive for the hand-crafted true wood tables so you must take a look if you're in the market for sewing cut tables, tables made to fit your BERNINA or other brand machines, rolling chests and more.  I am even offering a large discount on our two thread chests, natural oak, in stock only.  Don't dawdle on this offer, because when they're gone, they're gone, and I only have two (2) left!  

We don't know how long we're going to be living in "Covid Mode", so we might as well settle in and find enjoyable, creative and practical ways to enjoy ourselves during this.  If you've begun sewing again after a long hiatus, I can tell you that a new, updated machine will enhance your sewing pleasure absolutely!  You'll have the time to expand your creative horizons, satisfy that need to be needed and do something with your time that is needed.  I have the shop, and of course Mr. Murfee, Ms. Katie, Ms. Emi Lee, and Mr. Wee Willy to keep me from going bonkers, and we all need outlets for ourselves, so why not check into the new machines (financing available!) and the new look of piecing?  Make some gifts for family and friends that can even be placed as wall hangings and passed down through the generations? 
To make things a bit brighter, shop with us online at www.sunvalleyquilts.com and click on our online shop so you don't miss any fabric choices.  We have solid black fabric in and more is on backorder for you, by the way.  Let's continue another week with our 19% off Halloween fabrics (one yard cut or more) of in stock designs, when you give us the code in store of HALLOWEENIE19, or order online and add the code of HALLOWEENIE19 for your savings.  For now, I'm all business-ed out, Murfee is sleeping, and we are all happy to help you in any way possible!  Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you for all your support.  Remember that the rainbow is still out there; we just can't quite see it well yet!
Barbara and the busy brain builders at SVQ
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