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Bits and Pieces
June 15, 2021

Murfee rides again!!!  He's up to his old tricks, this time including me in the mix.  There I was, minding my own business, walking out to feed and water the horse, when, out of nowhere and coming up behind me came Murfee.  At full Speed.  At the back of my legs.  Not intending to plow me down, I think, but doing just that anyway.  Now, I wouldn't mind being swept off my feet, but to do so literally is not a good thing.  Especially when it's Murfee doing the sweeping.  My feet were knocked out and I fell like a piece of lumber straight onto my hip/side/shoulder/hand as Murfee raced partially over and right past  me.  As I'm trying to breathe again, assess any damages, unscramble my eyes and brain, the boy comes back, looks down at me as if to say "Hey!  What are you doing down there???"  Like I chose to be there!!!  I start to slowly curl myself up on the gravel walkway, picking pieces out of my hand and elbow, hoping that nothing was damaged so I could try to get up , but with two knee replacements, it's kinda hard to get up without kneeling on the gravel, embedding more rocks into my very flesh.  It wasn't pretty, but I did get up and decided that nothing was broken since my hip and leg still moved.  And Murfee's still standing there, now running circles around me, never knowing how many ways I was contemplating getting even with him!  

But all's well that ends well, I guess, and I'm none the worse for wear, although my hip and arm are very colorful right now, Murfee is just fine, and we're moving forward.  Straight into another Kimberbell Kamp 4 day event.  This time, we're doing the Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow, complete with colorful lights resembling exploding fireworks.  It's really cute and will be fun to do, as are all things Kimberbell.  As an FYI, Andi's Free Motion Quilting Class will still go on, since that class is mainly at the longarm machines.  And the repetition class will also be held on Sat., so attend which one you want since the material covered is the same.  

Monday, 6-21, the OESD Embroidery class will focus on creating a patch.  It's $10 and from 9:30-10:30.  The Rulers Can Quilt class for beginners will be held on Tuesday, followed by the class for more advanced ruler quilters on Wed.   

Thursday, 6-24 will be the Intro class for Angle Play with Andi.  If you're an angle play beginner, Andi will let you use her rulers the first class so you can know that you like the process before buying the ruler assortment for the class.  There are so many sizes and shapes available....and that tells you that there are many many quilt possibilities!  Expand your mind and your talents!  Bonus:  Andi will be supplying the pattern "Meteor" with this class!!! 

This is the Super Summer Sale from BERNINA, through June 22:  Select machine purchases can save you BIG!  $500 off MSRP on a 5 Series machine, $700 off MSRP on a 7 Series, and $800 off MSRP on the 8 Series.  Sweet!!!  Bernette machines are also specially priced as are all suitcases.  The suitcases are 50% off, so don't delay.  This ends when June ends!  If it happens that our SVQ prices are lower than these special prices, you will get the lowest price!
Q'nique's June offers center around the Q'nique 19 machine, bundles with the frame choice from the Cutie size up to the Q-Zone Hoop Frame Pro.  AND...a FREE Luminess Light Bar valued up to $600 with your bundle purchase.  There are many options available for you from which to choose.  There are even some special bundles available for you on the Q 15R and Pro machines, too.  So give us a call and come in and see what you can get and what all is possible for you.  We're waiting to hear from you!!! 

The special BERNINA foot this month is the #86 Ruffler foot, so you know.  The special panel of the week, at just $6 will be the new golf panel, "Back Nine", just in time for Father's Day.  Our golfer Karen made the sample for us using the coordinating fabrics, and it's really representative of golf in our community!  Come check it out!  For $6, you can't go wrong for a gift to yourself or a golfing buddy!  Pick it up at the shop or online at www.sunvalleyquilts.com.  If you're not a golfer, but like some other sport, give us the code 20SPORTS and get 20% off any sport or game fabrics.  Just include the code 20SPORTS and we'll take care of it for you.  We have a good selection from which you can choose.  In the meantime, drop in and see the Kimberbell Kampers hard at work having a good time in the classroom.  We hope to see you soon, and we always thank you for shopping with us!
Barbara and the " bruisers"  at SVQ
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