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June 21, 2016
Another day, another...quilt!  Okay, so our weather is less than ideal right now, but it's just heat, after all.  And this area is loaded with pools and A/C and misters (and Mrs., too!) and shaded windows and more, all of which make us cooler.  And for which we are all eternally grateful, I add!  I'm writing this on Sunday, and the outside temp. is not fully bloomed yet, since my car showed 115, and the anticipated temp. is 119 or so.  Give or take.  But what's a few degrees among friends, right???  So when you're not slammed with things to do, remember that it's a great time to kick back and start or finish a new quilt...or do both!  I'm tickled that I've just finished Laura Heine's "Confetti" quilt.  I both started it and finished it this week.   

It has been a blast to make, and I have it pictured here for you to see, just as it is being whisked out the door for quilting by Ruth Butler.  After she gets it quilted, I'll feature it again for you----just because I think it's so darned cute.  So cute that I've even started "Confetti II" and will be working on it tonight at home.  You can't make a mistake, probably even if blindfolded.  If you find something you don't relish, just add another design or pattern from fabric and cover it up...or as I like to see it....make it better!  Now, we're going to be doing some special things with these Fiberworks patterns from Laura.  Many of you fell in love with her animal and etc. patterns when she was at Road To Ca., and so have we!  LeAnn Hileman will be offering you a class or two this summer, allowing you to choose from a variety of patterns.  LeAnn is currently making a few of them, and of course, one of my Confetti horses will be a sample at the shop. 
In addition, we have contacted the designer, Laura herself, and she will be here to teach you class in person.  I understand she's a hoot!  She has limited the class size so she can work with everyone, so when the date is announced, I suggest you get signed and paid.  She will be here at SVQ near the end of January, 2017.  She is giving you two patterns from which to choose..."Purrrfect Kitty" or "Emerson" the puppy.  You will need to purchase her kit from us for the class with Laura, since this will make Laura's  life much easier when teaching you the special techniques.  She will also be holding a class at the AQS show, and she has limited class sizes there also, and I've heard through the grapevine that this class from her is already sold out!  Lucky for you...if you missed this class, you have a second chance at taking a class from her with us, right here at Sun Valley Quilts!  I told you in an earlier newsletter that we had some great, exciting special classes and things coming up!!!  Well, this is one of them, so don't let it pass you by.  More details will follow, naturally, so stay tuned.  And it would be a fantastic idea to take a class from our own LeAnn H. this summer, so you can squeeze even more out of Laura's class.   

At our 6th Anniversary party, a finished quilt of the sewing mannequin was brought in, and it wowed all of us. Ms. Quilter had fun doing it, and like me, she will be making more!  It's fun, creative, personal to you, and unique.  What more could you ask?  In fact, on her mannequin, she had two strategically placed rather large and colorful flowers...from which we all got a laugh.  Go as wild and crazy as you dare---it's just artwork, after all!!!  So stay tuned, for BOTH class options, and LeAnn's is scheduled for later this summer so you can get a running start at the technique, and then take Laura's class and let your mind spin with her into a new realm of possibilities!
Some quick reminders from this week's schedule:  Jan's Beginning Embroidery class will be Friday , and Phillis is back with the Quilt Ruler Class B on Sat. afternoon.  Other weekly on going classes are ongoing, but a new special class with Debbie S. will be taking place Wed., from 10 to 3, titled "Quilted Spools"..  The sample is hanging at the front of the shop, as you walk in.  It's really a cute quilt, especially for your sewing room, since you pick all your favorite colors for the spools of thread pictured on the quilt.  Make it Country Shabby Chic, scrappy to illustrate variegated threads, metallic or any look you choose.  Remember that Debbie is so multi-talented that she always offers lots and lots of tips and techniques in her classes.  Plus, she's a sweetie!  

One other future camp to announce:  it has been finalized past the talking stage that SVQ will be holding back-to-back Judy Niemeyer Paper Piecing Camps.  The first class is open for sign-ups, and is set for Jan. 9-13 with Tammy Doane.  The second class generally fills entirely from year to year with the same ladies, so at this time, it is not available for any more sign-ups, but FYI it will be Jan. 16-20 with Sue Wilson.  We feel very fortunate indeed to be able to offer you these two camps with such outstanding certified instructors who have both worked side-by-side with Judy at her retreats (too many times to count!).  This may well be Sue's last Judy class for some time, since she has taken a job outside of the quilting realm, so if you're one of Sue's regulars, get signed up now to be able to wish Sue the very best in this next career choice.  Both CI's will be teaching Judy's newest protected pattern for 2017.  My understanding is that this is a re-make of her very popular and pretty "Vintage Rose" pattern.  The pattern has not yet gone to print, so is not available to us YET, and will only be available to you through a CI's class or a certified shop.  If the pattern is still unavailable when Tammy and Sue come to town, we'll still hold the camps but will be doing some other fabulous Judy paper piecing pattern, so the camps will go on regardless.  We always have a plan "B".....  Signup sheets are now available, so don't wait because we limit class size to a very comfortable size of 18 in our classroom.  

That's all the news that is news for now...except we will feature for you double punches again this week.  We have a new computer system which we are all learning, and to keep the learning curve a positive one for all of us in the shop, double punches is the least complicated thing we can do.  We all win, without the complications of tracking discounts right now at the register.  But don't despair, our special color of the week will be back again soon!
Remember that the new 2017 Row By Row Experience, and the shop/state license plates on fabric, will be available Beginning June 21.  Check ours out!!!!!  We are VERY PROUD of ours, titled "Sweet Home Arizona" and hope that you love it too!!!!  Remember that the pattern alone is free to you for the asking, but we have also made up kits including the color pattern for you, and we hope that you will appreciate our specially chosen Sunrise/Sunset fabric for your sweet home Arizona.  Rules are the same as last year, as is the grand prize being offered by each participating shop (although each shop only awards one prize).  There's a lot of excitement buzzing about, so get an early start on collecting your free patterns or kits to ensure that you get one.  Pat has been busy cutting and kitting for many weeks now,  We hope to insure that our supply meets your demand, or something like that!  We hope to see you soon, and sooner rather than later.
Barbara and the sweeties at Sweet Home Arizona and Sweet Home Sun Valley Quilts

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