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Bits and Pieces
June 23, 2020

This Anniversary Party has been so much fun, I think we should do it Every year!!!  No, wait.  We do indeed do it every year!  My mistake.  But this week has been fun, and I hope you've been able to take advantage of me, and my being at SVQ for ten years.  Wait..."take advantage of me"  didn't come out right, either.  Guess the last week has addled my brain.  What I mean is that I hope you liked the 25% discount for the week and were able to take advantage of the sale, either in store or online.  But a party with cake and goodies is still on the horizon.  Stay tuned!
As to classes, I think we're still in a holding pattern as long as the covid virus is looming over us.  We'll keep our eyes open for a full July schedule.  Our classroom is large enough to be able to accommodate the summer classes with one person per table, but a lot of customers are concerned about them, and so Marilyn has delayed, once again, her June 24 and 25th classes on Ruler Work.  We'll just have to try to stay in touch on the schedule.  You can always call us or check the website ( www.sunvalleyquilts.com) for updates.   

However we're going to offer you something new from OESD....a Virtual Embroidery Event.  We are holding it next Tuesday, June 30 at 10 am Arizona time which is currently the same as  Pacific time.  You will do this in the comfort of your home with your laptop.  The event is being put on by OESD educators, and of course, will feature OESD products.  I watched a sample event that they sent me on Stabilizers and such.  It's designed as an educational tool for you, so plan to take notes---I did!  You will be offered special discounts for attending the event, also, and you will be able to chat with the educators during the event, even see what others are saying and sharing.  So like a class at SVQ, but not!  I am waiting on your registration link, and as soon as received, I will send out a blast of how to register.  All you need now is to save the date and time!  They will also be giving you info. on how to join their Spree Club (there are 3 types to join, your choice) and you will have 24 hours after the event to purchase the Club membership at special prices.  Joining and/or purchasing designs, stabilizers and more, will be easy to do from your computer at home, they will ship to your home, and you can even share with friends!  Please let me know if you like this type of virtual class, so we know whether to explore more of them for you!  Remember the specific date/time:    June 30, 2020 at 10 am Arizona time!!!  

I'm also sending you a bit more info, from Arrow/Kangaroo.  They want you off your dining or kitchen table to sew, and onto a properly sized sewing table at the correct sewing height!  Check out the info. we've provided:  they are offering their Lowest Prices of the Year: 30% off MSRP, a flat drop ship fee of $125 to ship your cabinet to your home!!!  This is a great value on proper, ergonomic sewing furniture vs. over-height, uncomfortable dining room tables.  Your sewing tables can be folded up and put away, or left out with your machine setting on it and ready to sew.  This is a great time saver, and if you have the space, you can set up your comfortable and organized room for all your supplies, all at 30% off.  This will be good through the end of the month of June.  Snooze, you lose, so come see us while the gettin' is good!  

And while you're here, you might as well check out the Q'nique 21 Special for June.  This offer is stupendous.  If you're just starting into long arm quilting, look at all that you can get in June for $8999.90:
The Q'nique 21 quilting machine, the Continuum Frame, for one penny more, add the Luminess overhead and free standing light bar, extra bobbins and needles, horizontal spool holder, mini quilt clips, and Finesse thread (6 of them!).  Again, all for $8,999.90 plus one penny more!!!  

Already have your quilting machine but looking for a larger or smaller frame for your room?  Look no further because all three of the Q'nique frames are specially priced.  The Queen frame will come with a FREE 10' light bar!  That's a great GWP!  Looking for a new system altogether, but feel the 21 Special is not right for you, then we can make a bundle deal for you of your frame choice and your machine choice.  How's that for bringing a smile to your face (even behind the mask?!?!)???  Come in, or call us, and we can put all of this together for you so you can start longarm quilting on all those quilt tops you've made?  No pressure at all....the deals for you are too good for that! Check out what owners are saying about the Q'nique system and SVQ and I bet you'll be impressed with both!  

Hopefully, you got your fabric stash built back up last week, which I'm sure dwindled quite a bit during the mask-making rush, so let's make the special this week a multi-purpose special.  50% off all in stock buttons (excluding Kimberbell), ribbons and cording, serger threads and wooly nylon threads.  Additionally, let's add all books in stock at 30% savings.  And for you that shop with us online or in the shop 15% off all LadyHawk patterns and kits.  Since LadyHawk is pictured in the online shop, and you can see what all we can offer to you, let's make the code:  LADYHAWK15.  How easy is that!!!  In case you didn't know, SVQ owns LadyHawk, so we have ALL of the patterns!!! 
Stay well, keep smiling, enjoy your time out, come in for a fabric fix or a chat, and enjoy every day as much as possible.  We'll do the same.  If you stop in to say Hi to Mr. Murfee and he barks at you, know that the masks we're wearing are confusing him big time!  Me, too, I think, since we can't pick up those social cues of people's smiles right now, and I might have to start asking you if you're smiling behind the mask.  I've recently had people tell me, before I ask, "I'm smiling in SVQ right now!".  Even the Lone Ranger could smile behind his mask, although I don't ever recall actually seeing him smile.......hmmmmmm.
Barbara and the smiling "sisters" sharing smiles back at you
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