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Bits and Pieces
June 30, 2020

It's the end of June, and we're dealing with the Covid virus still.  We know that there will be an end to it, some time, some how, but we can't see it yet, so we're still urging everyone to be safe and not sorry, to be and do the best that we can, and keep looking for that rainbow that will follow this.  As for us at SVQ,  we're looking at and assessing reliable reports daily, and for now, feel that we can maintain business.  We're all wearing masks out front, washing hands so much that our skin is drying out, cleaning surfaces, maintaining safe distances, not holding classes for the most part (except for a very few where students have asked that they be able to come in and sew with a few friends and one person per table or two tables!), and anything else we can think to do to keep us all as far away from covid as possible.  We aren't taking this lightly, but we are trying to put a positive spin on what we're dealing with.  I hope that you see this and know that because I choose to look for the rainbow that we're not casual about the virus.  And frankly, Murfee's really NOT liking our mask response to the virus.
So let's talk about Murfee for a minute.  Have I got stories to tell!  He's confused about the masks, and will fuss at nearly anyone he sees wearing one.  He can't discern who he's meeting, or even you're demeanor, since his social ques have been covered.  I'm with him on that...I can't tell if you're smiling or laughing if I can't read your face.  And one day, my hearing aids died and I couldn't even hear a laugh!  Woe is me!!!  So in the office, I'm trying a bit of conditioning with Murfee by wearing my mask around him.  It's not working for him, so far, and I'm getting short of breath, so I'll be trying something else soon.  Any suggestions????  

He's been waking up at the crack of dawn, also, and when I let him outside, he's doing something really weird.  Now, he's an eight month old Irish Setter, known for boundless energy and a touch of stubbornness with a body strong as an ox.  So why has he started creeping slowly outside, finding a point to fixate on, one foot hovering in the air, almost like a pointer, and not moving a muscle?!?!  He will stay like that for about five minutes, and there is absolutely nothing different out there!  I think he's having a mental breakdown or something!  Help---what is he doing, and why???
This morning at work, I got on him for pulling me in the door then wanting to run and jump on his long lost friend, Lynn.  I held his halter and oh, so politely asked him to sit.  The politeness of the request went right over his head, but then when I stepped in front of him and said "Sit!" he did.  Brandie (our newest member) was sitting across from Lynn's desk, and he wanted to say "Hi, Brandie" in the worst way, so he made an executive decision to please both me and himself:  he laid down and crawled on his belly over to her!  Like a reptile!  Maybe he's having personality identity disorders.....which he can blame on the mask wearing since his people don't look normal to him anymore.  Ya think???   

Anyway, if you've not seen him lately, he's growing into a big boy, and he's still sweet and all, and he still loves your attention, but he's changing.  He has a lot to learn and a short time to get there, but he's still a joy and still a runner at home.  Except when he's playing "statue" first thing in the morning.  I'll have to keep you informed in future bits.
Say, did you watch our Virtual Embroidery Event this morning?  Please let me know what you thought of it, and whether you'd watch more of these types of events down the road.  Since we don't know what our immediate future will look like, and if you liked this, we can hopefully offer you more.  We're thinking maybe about doing classes this way until things normalize.  What do you think?  

Our Kimberbell Kamp is still on the schedule for July 21-24, and we have the kits in stock for We Whisk You A Merry Christmas.  Price of the class includes the entire kit including all the cool clear plastics, buttons, pompoms and all.  But know that a lot of cutting is involved, so get your kit now and start cutting at home so you don't waste time cutting in Kamp.  And something new for you:   following the Kamp, we have a new, coordinating bench pillow for you to make which coordinates with the Kamp wallhanging!!!  It is called Ginger's Bench pillow, and the class will be taught by the very knowledgeable and fun Ramona Hooker!!!  We're excited to be able to bring Ramona in for this class; she is also a certified Kimberbell instructor and has a HUGE repertoire of Kimberbell knowledge and samples and tips to share.  We will be talking more about these Kamps later....this is just to whet your appetite!   

We have some machine surprises coming very soon for July, and you might just drop your mask when you see them.  Just saying!  So stay tuned!  Our special for the week, in store and online, will be Halloween fabrics....might as well get ahead of the seasons while we can.  They will be 19% off (in honor of Covid 19!).  If you shop by phone or come in, no code is needed.  But if you choose to shop online with us, the code will be HALLOWEENIE19.  How cute is that; not to mention unforgettable!  Find us online at www.sunvalleyquilts.com and click on the online tab.  Of course, we will do curbside service or mail if you want it, or you're welcome to come in and check out all our halloweenie fabrics.  Pillowcases, candy bags, wallhangings are always popular for your home or gifts.  So we hope to see you and hear from you soon.  Murfee is in constant need of tummy rubs, too!  Stay well and keep on the lookout for that rainbow!!!

We will be closed July the 4th
Barbara and the Mask-queraders at SVQ, waiting for you
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