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Bits and Pieces
June 4, 2019

This is a test:  What's happening June 15?  Where do you want to be on June 15, no exceptions?  How many gifts would you like to receive on June 15?  How much can you save on all your purchases at SVQ on June 15?  How much do you like hearing "If I had a hammer, if I had a bell..." and your number being called out?  Enough said for now because I KNOW you passed the test with 100% accuracy.  If you didn't, ask your friends those questions, spread the word that everyone wants to be, and should be, here with us at SVQ for my 9th Anniversary Special!!!
And don't think that we have nothing going on around here until the 15th---because we do!  Our new license plates are in, and just $5, and just soooo very cute, don't you think?  If, by chance, you didn't get our "Arid Sew Na" plate from last year, and you want one, we have a few left, and you can get both year's plates for $7.  I've seen them incorporated into the Row By Row quilts, pieced together for backing, used in bags, totes and wallets, and more.  Think "Gifts" to non-Arizonans. 

Jan, Jeri and I are getting ready for BU in Jacksonville, and will be winging our way southeast on the 9th.  (See how that number ( keeps coming up???)  I can tell you that we'll be very busy, all of us attending different classes, but Lynn and the rest of the best will be hard at working preparing for the Anniversary Party here on the 15th.  BERNINA usually introduces their new machines at BU, but they have already told us that there won't be any new top of the line (read as:  790 and 880) machines coming out for at least another year or two.  So if you've been waiting for what's going to be new, it's time to check out our excellent AND proven 790s and 880s.  There are going to be some very nice GWPs (gifts) with these two machines in case you want to trade in your 820 or big bobbin 830.  And some special prices, also, as usually happens after BU.  So start thinking...we'll be supporting BERNINA's Freedom Sale with great brochures of offers.  I can't tell you much more right now, but we'll have lots of info. for you soon.  The machines will include Great GWPs also!!!
Coming June 21 is the ever-popular Row By Row Experience!!!  Here is our row:  

The theme this year is Taste the Experience, and so our row incorporates both the theme as well as a smattering of history.  As always, we give you our colorful southwest Navajo style pieced pattern, and the outline for the state, as well as our theme:
Preserving Arizona's 5 C's:  Cotton, Cattle, Climate, Copper and Citrus.  "Preserving"...get it?  Feel free to embellish your row however it suits you.  Remember also that the first person to complete a quilt and turn it in to us (and of course, we want to display it for a while in the shop!) will receive a gift of 25 fat quarters.
We have them bundled and waiting for our winner!  If our great row is in the quilt, along with at least 7 other rows from 7 other participating stores (for a total of 8 rows), we will be gifting you a gift certificate to use at SVQ for anything you choose.  But remember that there is only one winner per store.  So there's incentive for you to collect your favorite rows , design your quilt, get it made, and turn it in to any of the participating shops.  It's a fun summer project and allows you to visit some of our wonderful and creative shops, and to catch the unique "flavor" of each one!!!  Hope you enjoy the experience, as well as your time here with us at SVQ. 
What generally follows the Row By Row is the question of our Maricopa County Independent Quilt Shop, AKA:  Shop Hop.  So let me enlighten you on this.  The Hop actually begins Oct. 11-19 this year, and we will begin selling passports on Aug. 16 this year.  Purchase your passports early for $5 to ensure that you receive with your purchase our unique charms.  The charms are limited in number, so get your passports ASAP.....Aug. 16 and beyond.  We will have maps available for you so you can plan out your route through the Hop.  
Since we're getting all amped up for the 9th Anniversary party, we won't have a weekly special until after the party, sorry to say.  But that will just make things sweeter on June 15!!!  We hope to see you soon, and by the way, if you are considering a new machine and you're waiting for the Anniversary special pricing, come in now and we'll honor the special price now through the 15th.  We want you to make the right decision for you and not be pushed by a deadline, and not put it off.  Our savings will be significant, so come in now.  Our Mastery classes are smaller in the summer so you get more one-on-one teaching from Jeri, and she's just very good.  We are also offering the Beginning Embroidery and Beginning Serger classes, also, so you can get off to a proper start with your new (or older) machine.  Hope to see you soon!
Barbara and the people "Preserving" traditions at SVQ
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