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Bits and Pieces
June 8, 2021

Today reminds me of "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" because it's a beautiful (but warm!) day and I think we can finally see most of that rainbow we've been wishing for over the last year and a half!!!  Everyone is in an uplifted mood, ready to get out of their cocoons again and experience a full life.  Almost everyone I've spoken with has been vaccinated so feeling much more protected, more free to be and do.  It's been a really rough time for many people in many ways, and as a shop, we're still feeling repercussions with shipping and delivery and backorders, but know that we're all trying to make the transitions back to normalcy as easily and quickly as possible, and to not add any more rough patches to any of our lives.  We thank you for your comprehension and understanding of the problems, and look forward to the times when that rainbow overhead is totally visible.  In the meantime, we take what we have with a smile and keep moving forward! 

To help with the transitions, BERNINA is focusing on some great deals from June 9 through the 22, with savings to you on the 8 Series ($800 off MSRP), the 7 Series ($700 off MSRP) and the 5 Series ($500 off MSRP).  If our prices can beat these savings, you will get the lowest price possible, so you can't lose!  BERNINA is also sponsoring special financing deals if you're so inclined, at 48 month (purchases of $2000 or more) or 60 month (purchases of $4000 or more) on June 11 through 15.  The financing is special because it offers ZERO INTEREST to you during this time!!!  Also through June, you can purchase any suitcase at 50% off MSRP.   Or even a bernette machine (b33, b05, b35,or b44) from a range of special prices of just $199-$449!!!  Days are getting longer and warmer, so maybe you want to cocoon up with your favorite machine and create some projects for yourself, gifts or home dec.  These are all so much more fun, and much easier on a new machine with which you form a close bond!!! 

Ok.  So you have your chosen domestic machine, and you've made a fantastic quilt top with it, and it's ready for quilting.  That's where Q'nique can come in to the picture.  We are offering you some very special prices on a frame and/or quilter machine that will fit nearly any room and any budget.  For the smallest table top frame, The Cutie, capable of handling a king size quilt PLUS the Q'nique 19 long arm machine, your cost is reduced to $6,695 for June.  Looking at the free standing Q-Zone Hoop Frame with the Q'nique 19 long arm, spend $6,995 (saving over $1,500) or the same frame with the Q 15R or 15 Pro machine for just $4595 or $4995 respectively.  An even bigger bargain!  Or step up to the Q-Zone Queen Frame with the Q 19 for $6995, and even less if you choose to go with the 15R or 15Pro machine.  Or better yet, choose the Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Pro with the Q 19 machine for $7,395 (normally $8899!!!!!).  Each of these choices includes:  the FREE LUMINESS LIGHT BAR---for FREE!  There are other combinations of frame to machine choices for you also.   But only through June.   So lots of sunshine and rainbows for you for June.  We can put together the perfect package for you, and remember that the frames and machines can be purchased separately, too. 

June is just so full of opportunities for you to bring much joy into your life.  Remember that if your current machine is on the fritz, bring it in to us.  We repair any brand of domestic machine, in our shop, in ten days or less for regular maintenance.  We have CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS to handle correctly your issues.  We are very proud to be able to say that.  

Kimberbell Kamp will be taking up the classroom through Friday.  Saturday is our monthly FREE EVENT:  SEW SMART.  This will be an especially thought provoking event for all of us, since we're going to be discussing panels and large print fabrics and the different border ideas to make them stand out.  While three borders on a panel may be great looking, sometimes we want to try new things so our quilts are  looking more unique.  We have lots of ideas, books, patterns with which to challenge you.  Lots of people are migrating to panels in their quilts, and more manufacturers are designing them, so let's get our brains stimulated!  We will also be offering the Foot of the Month, the #86 Ruffler foot, at 30% off MSRP if you purchase it during SEW SMART EVENT.
Monday is our Open Sew class from 9:30-3:00 (closing time).  There will be no Open Sew class in July, and no Open Embroidery Sew in July, due to BERNINA University, when we will be taking over the classroom.  The BU is virtual again this year, and we will be utilizing the big screen TV for 3 days.  

Our panel of the week, featured here, will be just $6, in store and online.  This is one of my favorites!  And we have companion fabrics with this panel as well as  many of our other panels, too.  AND...  the special fabric for the week will be Southwest fabrics!!!  They will be 20% off when you give us the code of SOUTHWEST20.  Attend the SEW SMART EVENT and get some great ideas for your panel quilt!!!  This will definitely be a topic/panel of conversation, and I can't wait to see what you come up with.  And the panel itself is southwestern in flavor, so maybe even great as a gift for Father's Day on June 20!!!  I love the sky shading, the campfire and the woodsy feel of this panel, and it is from original art work, so just a peaceful scene where my eyes and mind can rest.    

Hope to see you or hear from you soon, and we're here for questions, happy to give opinions, delighted to share the rainbow outlook of normalcy with you, and ecstatic to share the joys of quilting and sewing with you!!
Barbara and the sunshine, lollipop and rainbow girls at SVQ
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