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Bits and Pieces
March 24, 2020

Well, Spring is here. And so are we...for now.  I hope that if you're reading this, that you and your family and friends are all well.  We're taking things calmly, and day by day and hope you are, too.  As quilters, we have already in place that community-style of living, and this continues, so stay positive.  We will follow whatever guidelines are created, and for now WE ARE OPEN!!!  For anyone not comfortable being here or those with health issues, they are staying at home, which is as it should be.  But we all know that to get to the other side of this, we need your help and we can be here for you, also...like I said, a community atmosphere.  

First things first:  We are temporarily CHANGING OUR HOURS!!!  We will now open at 9:30 until 3:30, Monday through Saturday, and from noon until four (as usual) on Sunday. 
Classes that will be held will continue until their normal time, but the shop will close to regular customers at 3:30.  Through the month of March, the continuing classes are Photos To Quilts Camp (3-25-27, 9:30 to 4:30) and Rulers Can Quilt on Monday, March 30 (from 9:30-4) as scheduled.  Please, if you are not planning to attend these classes, call us and let us know.  If the teacher decides to cancel the class due to lack of attendance or corvid 19, she or SVQ will call you if the class is postponed.  

Please consider having your machine serviced now.  We can keep our techs  busy and your machines running .
Pick up a pattern for making masks from our front desk or look on UTUBE.  There is no elastic available right now, so use the old-fashioned ties or shoelaces!  The ties don't need to be turned and look pretty, but they'd be just as functional.  Hospitalists or those in assisted living or with compromised health issues can even use them prophylactically, to place on top of their true hospital type masks and then toss out the covers we've made.  It's a delay tactic until new true masks can be made, and definitely better than a bandana, I think.  I think batiks would be a great choice due to the tight weave and beautiful patterns....we might be able to make someone else smile, even.  And the mask may not keep out other's germs from you, but they will help contain any droplets that you could spread through coughing or sneezing.  It's a help to those nearby you; or at least we feel like it might be a help.  

Shop with us online, and we can mail you what you need, or you can pick up curbside from us as we put your things in your trunk.  At least for now, some of us will physically be here to keep things churning, like the mail, deliveries and such, and we'll be able to offer a smile and a little conversation to you.  Murfee needs his tummy rubs, and you may need to give some!  

Place phone orders with us and we'll have them waiting for you.
If we are allowed by the state to stay open, we may be posting some fun things and even demos on our Facebook and Instagram pages!  We're checking into keeping ourselves and you entertained throughout this process.   

Our specials will remain the same as last week....we have the $5/panel area in the shop, while supplies last, and the buy one get one for 50% off panel deals.  This BOGO includes the small, soft children's books, which I highly recommend!  If you want something simple to teach to the kids or grandkids, this is a great project.  With one book at 50% off, the investment isn't too high and then the books can be donated to a children's shelter at a later date!!!  We can even pick out the books for you, as to what you want to emphasize (like alphabet, animals, colors, etc.) and deliver curbside to you.   Or feel safe in coming in to pick them out. 

Sewing is an absolutely GREAT way to entertain ourselves and be productive at the same time!  We have never had such clean hands before, nor cleaned the tables and such so often, so know that we're on top of that aspect if you choose to come in.  Please continue to smile to shop with us and all the other small businesses that you love and have been supporting so that we can all continue on and recover quickly when this crisis is behind us!  That's what families do, after all, and as I've told you before, you and the ladies and men here are all part of my family.  We support each other to the best extent that we can.  And I especially thank everyone here for getting behind the hour changes, the rapidly changing schedules, the "kick butt" attitude of everyone here, and the total community spirit!  See you real soon....
Barbara and the community chorus at SVQ
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