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Bits and Pieces
May 14, 2019
I feel like the proverbial Energizer Bunny:  All kinds of mental and physical activities going on inside my head while my body just plods along, banging the drum slowly and accomplishing nothing!  Ever had days like that?  Of course, that's a rhetorical question because I already know that you have.  I think that frenetic kind of energy happens to us all, all the time!  So when I sat down to write Bits and Pieces, the banging of the drum and the marching slowly forth like the bunny began to take over.  Just sitting in front of the computer and "forcing" myself to put words to paper has stopped the crazies in me.  For a while, anyway.  Why didn't I think of this earlier, I wonder?!?!  And act upon it?!?!  Ha...I know why:  because my mind was too busy splattering all over the place and unable to focus on a specific thing.  So I guess that was just another rhetorical question to myself, wasn't it?  And I can't stop asking questions!?!?!  

Ohmmmm.  I'm becoming more focused here, enough to tell you about two new classes which we've put on the schedule for you.  The first is Basic SERGER Techniques, being offered May 23 (a Thur.) from 9:30-12:30.  If you have a serger, are thinking about getting a serger, or are afraid of the serger, this is YOUR class.  It's a hands on class that will not focus on threading, but instead, to get you comfortable with the techniques of serging.  You will make a simple square bottom tote, and learn turning a corner (without breaking the thread!), squaring the bottom, and adding handles.  All using the basic 4-thread overlock stitch......the most basic stitch.  It will sew up so smoothly and easily that you will want to make more, and Jeri will have additional bag style hints so that you can.  Very practical, very easy, very useful.  Supply list and sign-up sheet for the class are ready for you.  This is the first class in a series of classes for serger!  

The following Thursday, May 30 from 9:30-12:30, we are offering a Basic EMBROIDERY by machine class for you.  This class also is the first in a series of embroidery classes.  This will be the best time for you to refresh, or learn, the basics, from setup, putting a design in the hoop, positioning, hooping and lots more.  It's also hands-on, and you will make a pillowcase project.  Three samples are in the classroom.  Bring your own design or purchase one here.  Learn to load a design from the laptop to the machine and more.  The designs Jeri used in the samples cost a whopping $1.  Future classes and the directions you would like to see them take will be discussed.  Like anything else, proficiency requires practice as well as knowledge, and these are the tools we are offering you.  So let's settle in and become proficient.  If you already are good, but want to share some of your knowledge and sew with friends, come on in!  

Now, back to this week:  Marilyn's Ruler Work class will feature placemats for the project.  If you haven't been to Marilyn's class before but have the Westelee Rulers, Sampler Set 1, and want to become proficient with them, this is a great class.  Please join us.
LeAnn is here with Scrap Quilting Club on Thursday.   

Pajama Mamas night sew, which is infinitely better than night sweats!, is Friday evening from 5:30 to not later than 12:30.  Everyone is welcome to join us, work on any project, bring in problems for Shari The Instructor to solve, and just kick back and have fun.  The register will be open for sales for the early portion of the evening, so you can even shop your heart out!
Stitch and Sew is Monday with Barb T., and it's an all-day free style class.  Work on your own projects with friends.  Lots of work usually gets accomplished here, but in a very relaxed atmosphere.  Only $10, so come on in.
Wed., May 22, is Ruler Class #3.  Here, you'll be working on the Mola Snap Bag, a really cute bag, made from a mola quilt block!  Bring your machine, rulers and creativity.
That completes your weekly snapshot of classes, so we can help you not become frenzied, and feel that glow of accomplishment when you join our classes.   

Remember that our Q'nique 21 longarm machine deals and steals continue throughout the month of May.   We feature a full array of BERNINA machines for you, with lots of instruction help for you.  Call us or come in for comparison information, so that you purchase the best machine for your needs/wants!  We offer you specialized help seven days a week at the BERNINA Desk in the shop.  Let us be your sewing home!  

Our special color of the week will be green, and good for a 15% discount on green fabrics when you tell us the color is green.  ½ yard cuts or better!  And now that my mind is calm, I'm done with the newsletter to you, and it's time to say goodbye for another week.  Thank you for making the crazies calmer!!!!
Barbara and the non-frenetic friends at SVQ
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