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Bits and Pieces
May 19, 2020

I finished watching The Last Dance, a ten part series about Michael Jordan's professional  basketball career and I was fascinated! Not only by the man's talent, but by his competitive spirit, his kindness, his drive both for himself but also his teammates, his superlative movements, his determination, and more. My biggest takeaway from the series, and I think it applies to every one of us, is to take every day and actually live it in the moment to the best of our ability!
I think that this applies to our lives right here and now also. Most of us aren't superstars like Michael was, but we can be our own superstars in our own lives. We are in the midst of a pandemic, and rules have been set out for us, are coming down now but may be back if the virus spreads more. So our obligation is to make the best of things, make each day count, stay positive, don't try to predict the future, but enjoy the day we have!  

And I have to say that nearly 100% of the people we've been dealing with have chosen to do just that, and with a big grateful smile (even behind the mask!). I am so proud of all of us for doing that! And it makes my heart swell. And I suspect it does yours too! We're helping those who need what we can give, checking on friends and neighbors, providing safety masks, baking ( and most us gaining about ten pounds, the Covid-10 we're calling it) for ourselves and others, supporting the small local shops like mine so they don't have to close, patchworking our days together to make a difference in our lives and other lives. This all is the true beauty in being human I think.
Being the best human we can be makes us all a winner, at the top of our game, even competing with just ourself to be the best we can be. And doing it now, today!  

A giant pat on the back to us all. And we're finding a way to make ourselves happy in the mix, as it should be. People are coming back to sewing again and enjoying it again. We became teammates due to a call for help from the medical community and we'll hopefully continue on this road. Our quilts don't have to be perfect either, remember; they only have to be the best that we can make, to the best of our ability. If we're not totally happy with them, we only have to remember that there is someone out there who will be thrilled to have one and will never notice any imperfections. It becomes a willing gift from our brain and hands to someone who can appreciate the real meaning of the gift. Now that's perfect, in my mind!  

And so, if you want to continue sewing for yourself and others, but you're looking for a new machine to make this more enjoyable, well, SEIZE THE DAY! Or the MONTH OF MAY! You can take advantage of our Trade In Trade Up May Special. Choose any BERNINA with an MSRP above $999, trade in any old machine (working or not) and walk away with your new machine at 25% off MSRP!!! We're happy to help you select the best machine for your needs and budget and give you a huge 25% discount to boot! Give us a call or come in between 10 and 2 weekdays or check out the machines online on our website to help narrow your choices. There will be a machine to fit what you're looking for with the features that make your heart swell.  

Q'nique from Grace is also offering you some great special deals, including GWP with select frames. Again, pricing will be special for you, the hoop frame is less than 5' long and can quilt a king size quilt, for under $1,000. So come in and see just how great this special can be for you. Check it out on our online site also, and see all the possibilities which can make you smile. The quality and price point of Q'nique are very unique in the world of long arm quilting.  

A few quickie tips:  if you have an older B 780 machine, there is now an update which will allow your machine to use the 72 Foot as well as the Midi-hoop.  Also, SVQ does stock the BERNINA oil specifically selected for our fast moving spindles and provides a rust inhibitor.  If you need the oil, we stock it!!!  The puppies in the beginning picture are rescue goldens from Arizona Golden Rescue, the organization that brought in the goldens for us when we had our Scottish Event last fall.  Aren't they the best!!!  Can't even begin to picture Murfee and Katie in the masks.  I told you how they reacted!  Also, note that for the same price as the Q-Zone Hoop frame from Q'nique, you can opt for the 8' Q-Zone Queen frame for a more traditional quilting experience.  Goodies are included with this frame, also.  Make your best choice! We now have a limited supply of elastic  for masks for sale, with a 5 yard max.

Take advantage of our online 20% off a $20 purchase or more when you claim it with our special code. When shopping in-store by giving us the code. We want to earn and keep your trust in all phases of our shop. And that's whether you're a long time customer or a brand new one who's looking for that special "quilt shop home"! We strive to be the best that we can be, to you, with you, and for you. Just as my takeaway from The Last Dance.....if we're the best we can be today, tomorrow will take care of itself, and we will all be happy pulling the best out of ourselves and appreciating getting the best from others in our lives each day! Hope to see you soon!
Barbara and my Besties at Sun Valley Quilts.  (With apologies for my soapbox soliloquy but the absolute best of uplifting intentions.)
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