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Bits and Pieces
May 26, 2020

I can't remember when I had three days off in a row unless I was having knee replacement surgery, which is definitely NOT a good vacation excuse. It's been fun working in the backyard, and even sewing! Weather has cooperated and I'm changing up some of my quilts on the walls and beds. That's fun! Change the color and pattern, change the mood. I even found one I really liked that I had on a quilt rack and completely forgotten about. You ever have that happen??? And put out some patio lights that never made it out of the boxes. Solar powered so all I really have to do is take them from the box , and yet I know they've been in the box in the garage for three years.....shame on me!  
But they're outside now, charging up in the light of day and I hope they work tonight. And that Murfee leaves them alone. Plus I cleared out a small spot in the garage. Big accomplishment. Such a sense of accomplishment! I also found the rooster panel from my stash and got it made, and it makes me happy.
But today, it was back to work at Sun Valley Quilts. And my home work gave me a new look at everything. I adore using my 770 machine and it never gives me a problem, so the act of sewing is one I look forward to. I can branch out into so many directions and spread my creative wings!!! Do you get that same feeling, or am I just goofy? It's such a refreshed feeling for me and hope it brings the same for you. We're still making masks and such, but we're realizing that we can get back to other more challenging projects, too. Aren't we lucky? And remember that we still have elastic in stock....whoo hoo.  

If you've been on mask detail and remembering why you sewed before, but now remember that your older machine may be stubborn or uncooperative, there's still a few days to trade it in an trade up to a BERNINA of your choice and get 25% off the MSRP.  No Trade, No Problem ~ opt for 20% off MSRP of any new BERNINA instead Everyone wins. We'll even try to donate your cranky but working machine to a worthwhile charity like a women's shelter, and we can then help many others while helping ourselves and your local quilt shop like Sun Valley Quilts!?!?!  

Q'niques are also moving off the floor and in to new homes. Prices are great and you can begin long arm quilting for under $5,000 for frame AND machine. Come in and check them out, see which one fits your room space and budget and allows you to expand into another levels of quilting. It's kind of like the adage of snapping your fingers to keep the elephants away; I think if we keep growing and expanding our brains, we can help keep the dementia away. So far, so good for me!
If you found some quilts you no longer want, and no one in your family is pining for, consider donating them to us and we'll find them an appreciative home. You will be enhancing someone special's life and we get that warm and fuzzy feeling of helping others.  And then we can make new ones in the colorways we now ️.  

GREAT NEWS: WE ARE BACK TO REGULAR Sun Valley Quilts HOURS BEGINNING JUNE 1!!!! Our team is ready and willing to get back as I'm sure you are. That will then be:
Monday through Friday: 9 to 5
Saturday: 9 to 4
Sunday: 12 to 4  

Yippee. Should covid require a change, we will return to very short hours, but we're soooo looking to see you during regular hours! Remember that our online web store has gotten a big shot in the arm since the quarantine and we ask you to keep using it. We can have your order ready for your pickup usually same day, and you can still come in for your fabric fix. Check out the machines, sewing tables and furniture, sewing chairs to save your back and shoulders, and so much more. I have thoroughly enjoyed working more up front, and being able to chat or have in depth talks with you and I plan to keep this up! Even though I often get booted out of the way when I'm cutting, and the girls won't let me touch the register. Go figure!!!
Classes will slowly resume, beginning with Quilt and Chats sessions on both June 8th and 9th. Class sizes will be a bit smaller so we encourage you to register online or call the store to secure your spot. We're gearing for more camps and mini-camps this summer, so you can leave your machines and projects overnight and we can delve into more depth during camps. And just maybe you go home with finished projects!!!  That's a good goal! 
Better close. Will let you know the new online code next newsletter. Hope to see your smiling face, the face behind the mask I guess, very soon. Stay well!
Barbara and the Happy and Grateful spirits at SVQ
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