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Bits and Pieces
May 7, 2019
Since this newsletter is jam-packed with lots of pithy and important information, I thought I might put Bits under the guise of Greek Mythology.  Remember The Three Graces???  In our more modern times, the graces are known as Faith, Hope and Charity.  In earlier Greek times, the Graces had qualities associated with joyfulness, brightness, endowing others with the ability to create beautiful works of art!  They were referred to as Beauty, Creativity and Charm.    You see where this is going, don't you????  I find a HUGE correlation between the Graces, you, this newsletter, and SVQ, since we are all after the same pleasures in living:  To create something beautiful, using our own innate skills and mind-set creatively, and enjoy ourselves immensely while doing so!!! 
We are doing our utmost to be able to satisfy these Graces in you.  We offer bright colors, a huge array of batiks, lots of inspiring samples, the best threads to hold all of these things together, and the best machines and instructions and sew chairs and furniture at very affordable prices.  All designed to bring you JOY and CREATIVITY at often jaw-dropping prices below MSRP.  Want to get started NOW?  Want to have more fun NOW?  Want things customized to your needs/wants NOW?   Lynn is going to join me in the following paragraphs to tell you how well, how easily and how completely you can achieve these things!!!  May is a BIG month for deals and steals in all things sewing.  So follow with her as she gives you some fantastic information and help........    

The Grace Company ~ Q'nique 15M, Q'nique 15R, Q'nique 21, Q-Zone Hoop Frame, Q-Zone Queen Frame, Grace Continuum Frame, Luminess Light Bar... all fabulous products that we can enthusiastically say work and work very nicely together or with your domestic machine.  We have a great network of happy consumers who are thrilled with their frames and/or machines and are happily exploring the many different ways to finish their quilt tops! We are also cognizant that many of our customers gaze at them as they shop for fabric and notions, convinced that despite the wonderful packages we offer monthly (don't forget we can also customize a package tailored to your needs) that it's just not the right time to purchase. I'd like to say that there is no better time to purchase, or at the very least, let us provide you with a quote! With our new partnership with Synchrony financing we can offer 0% financing over 6 or 12 months. Now that is something to consider! Let us help you process an application! Let us chat with you about which items will best meet your needs!

Our May special is not filled with showers, it's blooming with a garden full of possibilities! During the month of May we can offer you the Q21 with built-in stitch regulation, color OLED screen, adjustable handles, LED work lights, comfort grip handles and 6 quick-access buttons.  Along with our everyday, and well below MSRP price, this month only you will receive an accessory kit valued at over $1,000! The FREE accessory kit includes the ruler base, hopping foot kit, foot attachment kit, 3 template rulers, bobbins, needles and a FREE 10' Luminess Light Station! Select the frame of your choice and you have a system that has lots of bells and whistles! And, as always, we cover the freight to most every destination and our low 6.3% tax applies to in state purchases.

Sh, guess what! We are so loving the Grace family of products that we will soon be installing the QCT4 Creative Touch software to one of our Q'niques. This will enable us to finish quilting more of our own shop pieces, and become more familiar with it ourselves. This may open up doors for those of you that aren't convinced you have the knack or talent to FMQ as proficiently as you want. We will have classes for both long arming and software this fall.

Lest you begin to think that we only care about finishing your quilts, we remain convinced that there are no better domestic sewing machines than those produced by BERNINA! Family owned, 4th generation run, 125 years and still going strong,  it's easy for us to promote and demonstrate the many reasons why these are just the best sewing machines! We have a finance offer so sweet that it won't last long! 0% Interest for 60 months!! On all BERNINA purchases of $3,000 or more made with your BERNINA Credit Card May 9-13, 2019 60 Equal Monthly Payments Required... a few more fine print details which we can explain in store or can be found online at the BERNINA website.

Instant Savings for the BERNINA Mother's Day promotion: $300 off $1,499-$2,499, $400 off $2,500-$4,499, $500 off $4,500-$6,499, $600 off $6,500-$9,499 and $700 off $9,500 and up! We will be applying the BERNINA discount off our everyday Sun Valley Quilts prices! And again, our sales tax is only 6.3% in Sun City! Win, win, win... but this offer is only valid May 9-13, 2019... this is not a sale to miss!

If you have been dreaming... if you have been wishing... if you have been hoping... please give us a call or stop on by and let us give you a chance to test drive the machine of your dreams! Give us a call and set up an appointment or head on over... let's put our heads together and give you a reason to stay home in the air conditioning this summer and bond with the sewing or embroidery or quilting machine of your dreams!

Ok, it's back to Barbara now.  Do you see how wonderfully this all fits together?  Grace Co. appropriately named their company to fit my newsletter to you (yeah, right!).  BERNINA and Synchrony are helping to finance your joy.  We want you using the best machine FOR YOU, and we can do this for you.  We are looking forward to talking with you, and we thank you always for coming in to see us!  You bring us joy!!!
One funny to share:  when I was teaching high school, one of our offered classes was on Mythology, and I so much wanted to name the course "Myth and Mythter"!!!!  That still makes me laugh, but you HAVE to say it out loud!

Our special color of the week will be red, at 15% off when you tell us.  ½ yd. cut or better! For the BERNINA red and the Grace red!!   And the Diamondback and Cardinal red, too.   Hope to see you soon.  And you can always join us for Quilt and Chat sessions Mon. and Tue, for just $5/session, and Piecing 201 Tuesday afternoon with Ruth!
Barbara and the gracefully gracious Gracies at SVQ
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