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Bits and Pieces
May 8 , 2018
Just call me the great woman hunter!  I didn't realize that I was going to find so much wildlife over the weekend.  Not wildlife as I've seen in the past  at home, like Delilah the pig, or the coyotes running the range, or even the range cattle out for a group stroll at my fence.  More like the black widow I conquered in the haybarn!  And the 3" scorpion slinking over the patio, now reduced to being another scorpion in the sky!  That was creepy-stepping on something that big and crunchy:  at least I had shoes on (which I usually don't! but may have to reconsider now!) and my bad knee didn't get in my way.   And I'm on alert for any snakes, although I didn't have any of them last year.  And then a really good thing that I spied in Ditto's stall......baby birdies.  Awwww, how cute with their baby yellow beaks peeking out over the nest!  I'm not sure if I have two nests side-by-side or what.  Mama built a really sloppy, loose, droopy nest on a beam, and then another very nice and tidy nest was built right next to it.  I figured Mama built the sloppy one, decided it might not be safe, then learned from her mistakes and built another, sturdier one.  But guess in which nest I found the babies?!?!  Right, the sloppy one.  Don't know if the tidy one is even in use, or if another Mama moved into the neighborhood, or what.  Guess I'll know by next week or so if there are any babies in that one.  

I just love nature:  even the creepy parts of it, and some of it I like up close and personal, like when I got to rescue and hold the tiny hummingbird in my hands, and some I like from more of a distance, like when I saw a big tarantula crossing Ditto's pen and knew I couldn't just step on it.  So I got creative, found a Windsor stone laying nearby, then lowered the boom on it with the stone.  And was afraid to pick up the stone in case the tarantula wasn't dead but just really, really ticked at me!  So two days later, I got rid of the stone and the still big, still nasty remains into the garbage can.  No one ever said I had to be brave to be a hunter...just more accurate than not!
Which reminds me to mention that we have some very colorful and interesting Halloweenie fabrics in for you, like the skeleton and the spider and webs, plus Casper ghost fabrics that glow in the dark!  Not to mention the threads that also glow in the dark!  Very creepy for the season.  And they do glow in the dark....trust me, I checked them out in the dark bathroom!  Ha!  But they glow.  Great for pillowcases and small blankets and things.  Or candy bags.  So collect them while you can, while we still have the yardage.  

Now, on to the business at hand:  Judy's Junkies meets on Friday, and the Quilt and Chat sessions meet Monday and Tuesday as usual.  These are good opportunities for you to come in and work on your choice of projects, with Instructor Barb here to help if necessary, have some fun and usually (?) good conversation, for only $5 per session. 
This week, ending 5-15-18, you can still select any book in stock for not 20% off as usual, but a full 30% off!!!  Don't miss out.  We've gotten in some new ones to inspire you, and 30% off should inspire you for sure.  
The special foot of the month is the #55 roller foot, at 25% off MSRP.  And our Mother's Day Machine Madness Sale is also through the 15th!  I sent you a special email last week with all the details and free goodies and specially priced bundles and no interest financing deals/details, and I hope you considered the very attractive offers for you.  If you have questions, please call us and/or come in and meet with Phillis or Lucille to discover what all we can offer you to make your sewing better, more fun!
Also-you can purchase a gift certificate from us and we will thank you with a bonus certificate for 10% of the value.  So, a gift certificate for $100 will get you $110 to spend with us!  Now, that's incentive!  

We're all very excited about our anniversary/birthday party coming up June 9!!!!  Please be here with us during the day, to share our joy in having worked with and served you for the past EIGHT full years!!!  We are starting our 9th year on June 9!!!  How about that!  Let's eat cake and celebrate!  With a purchase, YOU get a gift.  And of course, I'll be ringing the cow bell throughout the day to award special gifts to YOU!!!  And we'll have special pricing for YOU, too.  Tis better to give than to receive, after all!  Well, maybe not better, exactly, cuz it's awfully fun to receive, too, but on this day, YOU will receive!!!  So be sure and be here,  JUNE 9!  All Day!
Our two special panels of the week come under the theme of Fine Art!  They are both digital print panels; one from Gustav Klimt, and one from Monet, both with companion fabrics.  The panels, while they last, will be $6 each, and you can add borders to them or find a pattern, like Craftsman, to show them off.  Our special color of the week, when you tell us, will be turquoise, and will get you an additional 15% off half-yard cuts or better from the bolt.  We also have some in-store specials for you to find, as well as $6/yard sale fabrics which we've recently expanded.   

And who could not want our 2018 license plate???  It's just sew much fun....and only $5....and if you didn't get last year's plate, you can get them both for one special price (while supplies last!).  So that's what I know for now, and I'm going to go gear up for another night of hunting .  With any luck at all, it will be a totally uneventful night, but I will be wearing shoes at all times!  Hope to see you soon, and thanks for your support and smiles!
Barbara and the hunters of homogenous hobbyists at home hankering for fun at SVQ
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