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Bits and Pieces
October 27, 2020

Query:  How can a 43 pound Irish Setter with very long legs, capable of jumping a 3' patio fence, NOT be able to get himself in a car???  It amazes me daily!  He gets to the door or the rear entry of the car, then turns to me with these big, pitiful brown eyes, and begs for help.  And by help, I'm talking a two stage process-first the front legs, then another pitiful look back to me, waiting to be lifted into the car!  I mean, that's like, actually more then,  lifting my big BERNINA into the car twice daily.  And with my machine, I at least have two good lifting points.  With Bubba Murfee, I handle the front part okay, but as to the rear lift, well, that gets a bit more complicated due to his recent neuter surgery....where do I lift from, or grab hold of, to not hurt him or stretch anything?!?!  It's a conundrum!  But I solved the horrible cone around the neck issue quite nicely.  He wears pink Depends with a hole cut for the tail protrusion, and a blue belly band covering the tummy area of the Depends.  Voila!  No licking of the surgical area.  Problem easily solved, after coming up with the right solution for him and me.  Only a few more days and then he can cut lose all he wants!  But I'll bet he still won't be able to get himself in the car! 

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the Virtual OESD Event, which covered piecing as well as quilting by machine in the hoop.  If you missed this event, and would like it repeated, just let me know and I'll try to reschedule it.  Thanks to those of you who were able to take advantage of some of the very special bundle deals that were offered to you at the event.  As a shop, even I cannot get those deals for you!  So it's a winning combination for all of us; so much that I've scheduled a third event for all of us!  The date is set for Jan. 13, 2021, and it will cover Free Standing Lace!  Details will follow, but the process will be the same. 

 I'm sorry to report that we will not be having our annual Boo Bash on Saturday.  Boo.  But understandable under the current circumstances.  And we follow your lead of erring on the side of caution where this virus is concerned.  Especially with the holidays rapidly approaching.  But it will be back next year, so we'll have something more to look forward to. 

I have a scoop for you:  we are lucky enough to have in stock four remaining Cotton Shot "Diamonds" kits by Amanda Murphy!!!  I understand they are in short supply right now, and Amanda is preparing to teach a class online through We All Sew, and you'll need the kit!  Order online or come in and pick it up, because when they're gone, it will be awhile before they'll be back in stock, and you won't want to miss this one!  We can ship it to you if you want, but there can be no discount code used on this kit.  Sorry! 

Check with us or the Westelee Ruler/Sew Steady Table site if you're considering getting a specially cut table to fit your specific machine; they are offering some nice gifts with your purchase.  See the pictures posted here, and think about your sewing ease.  Acrylics have been in short supply since the covid crisis, so order yours with us soon.
Following up with acrylics, remember that our Rulers Can Quilt class, aimed at beginners and limited in size, will be tomorrow, Wed. 10-28-20, and the more advanced ruler work class is Thursday, both from 9:30-4, and both taught by the very talented Miss Marilyn!  Sign up ASAP because we want to keep social distancing in the classroom, and Marilyn wants to ensure that she can give lots of individual attention in this class.  

Friday, Jeri is teaching her make-up class of Software Techniques in the morning from 9-12.  You need only bring your laptop since the class focuses on digitizing. 
So please check out our great Q'nique and BERNINA offers to you, most of which are posted in the snapshots here.  The holidays are approaching fast and you can focus your creative and practical energies with a fantastic new machine, elegant or fun new fabrics, tools of the trade, and more.  Or just come by to say Hi to Murfee and me!  Since we are now still joined at the hip.  If you purchase a new BERNINA now, you will still have time to take our next Mastery class with Jeri on Nov. 7, and you'll be moving right along with your gift-giving.  Or card making.  Two different card making classes using your in-the-hoop machine with embroidery are coming up Nov. 18 and Nov. 20.  Take them both and get lots of heirloom cards made for those family members and friends you might not be able to connect with over the holidays.  Cards they will certainly cherish, hold on to.  Learn the techniques and let your machine do the "heavy lifting".  I love this idea because it brings the personal back into the holiday!!!  And  you and your machine will bond so well together.  

Stay positive, keep smiling, be happy.....or come in and see us and see if we can't find something big or small to make those things happen!  For now, we're still holding to our shortened hours and remaining closed on Sundays.  But our online shop is available 24/7 at www.sunvalleyquilts.com, and we're getting the orders out within a 24 hour period.  Our tech dept. is running over-time in order to get your machines out of maintenance within a week and back in your hands.  We have been getting a lot of orders for our wonderfully comfortable and personally adjusted sewing chairs, but get those orders in ASAP to ensure quick delivery; remember that you get to pick the chair and upholstery that best suits you.  We have sturdy but inexpensive sewing furniture, including chests and cut tables, as well as custom solid wood furniture for your sewing needs.  And the truth is, our solid wood furniture is competitively priced with the better known Horn and Koala tables (which are particle board or MDF which most people recognize).  It doesn't always cost the most to have the best!  I like to be able to say that!!! 

Remember that the online and in shop CODE to get your 20% off Halloweenie and Fall Fabrics is still 20PUMPKINS and we hope to see you very soon!  Our "We're in the spirit ( pun intended!) with our fall decorations" will be changing soon, or rather, falling away!  Sorry, I couldn't resist another pun.  Keep smiling.....we are
Barbara and the 20PUMPKINS
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