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September 22, 2020

THE LOWDOWN:  that's the headliner for this week's newsletter.  There are lots of facts to share with you, so read carefully and I'll try to be brief (remember, I said TRY!). 
Classroom is opening back up!!!  If you're not comfortable joining us in the class, we understand, but we've heard from many, many of you that you're ready.  Our room is large and we can practice social distancing, but the decision to join us is totally yours.  Our first big endeavor is Kimberbell's "We Whisk You A Merry Christmas" on Oct. 5-8, starting at 9....camp will actually get started once everyone is settled in with your machine and etc., probably about 9:30 and last until about 4 each day.  We have both Jeri and Jan to help you and offer tips and guidance on this adorable project.  We have two kits still available, so two camp sites available, and we recommend you sign up now and purchase your kit package.  Get your cutting done before camp so you don't waste time cutting!  Plan to leave your machine and kits overnight in the classroom, bring your own lunch or grab something at any of the many nearby restaurants.  Plan to have a great time and accomplish a lot, plus sew with some great campers!!! 

We are currently scheduling the go-with Kimberbell bench pillow, which will be taught by the long-time Kimberbeller, Ramona Hooker.  Ramona has taught many Kimberbell classes, and is sure that you will get your embroidery done during class time.  This class will follow the camp by approximately one week, and we will have supplies/kits available for your purchase.  Class will be $30 plus supplies. 

Rulers Can Quilt class will start even sooner---Sept. 22, 23, and 24.  Please contact Marilyn directly if you're interested, since these three days are set aside for Rulers, and You and are not project based at this time.  Classes are small so you will get lots of individual attention!  NOTE:  Uh oh!  Just spoke with Marilyn, and these three days are full, so we just added in a new session for you:  your rapid response team just added Sept. 29 and 30 as additional Ruler Work Class Days!  These days follow the free Sept. 25 virtual event, so this will be a great follow-up for you. 

These Sept 22-24  days can serve as warm-up ruler days for the FREE RULER WORK VIRTUAL EVENT on Friday, Sept. 25,  being offered to you by Sun Valley Quilts and Sew Steady, in a cooperative effort.  You must sign up for the two hour interactive class, and you'll be able to ask questions.  Plus, there will coupon codes given to you for event special  discounts !  And the class is FREE!!!  Watch it at home on your computer, dressed in your jammies if you want!  Class will begin at 10 a.m. Arizona time, but anyone anywhere in the country can sign up for this!  Link is:  https:/lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/HjLISkk.SunValleyQuilts.  Just click on the link!
Rumors are spreading about BERNINA pricing.  Yes, there will be a price increase on most machines and some accessories purchased Oct. 1 and forward.  This is unfortunately due to the imbalance in the exchange rates between the Swiss franc and the American dollar.  This price increase is only being done to offset this imbalance, but the rumors I'm hearing are way out of whack.  The increases will be proportional, and definitely NOT at a 25% increase or even close!!!  So I want to dispel that ugly rumor now.  The increase is generally below 8%.  However, if you already know you intend to get a new BERNINA, why not order it now before the prices go up at all?  This would be before Oct. 1, 2020.  Something for you to consider....... 

We have taken firm orders for the 790 SE Special and we only have a very few more available.  So if you're thinking of this fantastic bundle, check with us ASAP.  There are none left in the BERNINA system, and all have been accounted for; there will be no wait list or future availability BERNINA is telling us.  Something more to consider......
If you've never heard of a "Blue Alert", we received one on Wed. on our i phones, and found out that this is for a police shooting or policeman in trouble in our vicinity.  Just giving you a little more information here.  I hope we never have to get another Blue Alert, but it helps to know what it is if we should hear it again. 

If you ordered a new BERNINA, as soon as they arrive at SVQ, we're sewing them in and will contact you for pickup, so be sure to check your answering machines and texts for that exciting announcement!  I am told that some containers are being help up at customs since not all workers are back yet from covid, but we ARE getting machine deliveries!!!  And we WILL be calling you!!! 

We're planning on resuming our SEW SMART free Sat. informational classes soon, also.  While we're still planning, if there are topics you would like us to cover, we will be happy to do that for you.  We all have special interests and information, and we want to share these things with you so that you can make the best decisions for yourself.  Let's stay involved in learning!
Are you involved in mask making, maybe even with a granddaughter?  We have a very few used machines at extremely low prices you might want to look at.  All are currently sewing nicely and we have sewn out each machine.  However, they come with absolutely no warranty and any future repairs will be on you.  Prices are $25-$45 dollars each and are being sold As Is.  These are not BERNINA machines and are on a table by the clearance fabric.  What isn't sold will be donated to a worthy cause, but I wanted to pass this opportunity along to you in case you're willing to take the risk. 

In our covid-down-time, we've been doing some intensive continuing education, mainly involving the 590, 790 and 880 series BERNINAs, and we are getting some new classes together to share some of these design, pinpoint placement and other topics with you.  You'll be interested in these if you have a brand spanking new machine or one purchased a while back, like my 790.  We'll be giving shortcuts, how-to info., and info to make you say (just like I did!) "Wow.  I didn't know my machine could do that!".  Many of our prior classes and teachers are choosing not to resume as yet, so we're busy filling the gaps with educational ideas techniques for you.  If you're interested, we'll have more to offer you. 
I think that's all I have to share right now, and I hope this lowdown was valuable in some ways for you.  Remember that our turn-around time for machine maintenance is still at about a week, and we're very proud of this fact!  You can still shop with us online at www.sunvalleyquilts.com, and we're getting those orders out same or next day.  Life it good, positive things are happening, we're continuing to learn and grow, weather is getting cooler, and we're still smiling and happy to see you when you come in.  What more can I say?!?!?!
Barbara and all the fancy facts for you from SVQ
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