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Bits and Pieces

June 28, 2022

As June is winding down, remember that there are a few days left for Sweet Deals from BERNINA and SVQ: really sweet prices on some of the less complicated, smaller bernette machines, beginning at just a $349 price point! Additionally, there are still tiered savings for you on the more equipped BERNINA machines, so that the more machine you purchase, the more you save. Not bad, huh??? Looking for a longarm machine and/or frame? Some great deals remaining with Q’nique, also. Special savings on the 21R, 21 Pro and 21 X Elite machines, with more savings if you add a Continuum II frame, or buy the Cutie Tabletop Frame which can handle even a king sized quilt yet sits on a small tabletop at $300 savings AND take home a FREE 5’ light bar. Want a larger frame like the Q-Zone Hoop, Queen or Hoop Frame Pro? Buy now and save between $300 to $400 PLUS take home a FREE size appropriate Light Bar for over your frame! Just need the light bar? Save 50%! But only through Thursday. Financing available, of course!

A few things upcoming as we crackle into July: we will be closed on July 4, as the BERNINA crew prepares to hit the road for BERNINA training the week of July 11. The shop will be open, naturally, that week but the BERNINA department will be with me in Palm Springs. They keep us so busy with classes that we won’t even notice the heat, I suspect! And our next SEW SMART Event will be in August. And of course, will feature all the new things coming out of our training sessions. So save the August 9 date to learn all about the new good stuff!

Wed. is our first Mixed Media class, with Lori, and it’s kind of a Make and Take project, from 10-2, and you will leave with a finished Angel Heart project!!! It’s a great, cute little gift for a child (you could even teach them to make one!) or a gift for someone going into surgery or something like that: something that is more permanent than flowers that still says “I care about you”. Or string them across a fireplace mantle for your own family. I can think of lots of uses, and they have that homey-homemade feeling to them that will warm anyone’s heart. Come make one with us, then set out on your own to make more! Lori includes the pattern with the class, and summer’s a great time for this type of quickie, cute project

Paper Piecing Palooza with Andi follows on July 5. This is your opportunity to work on your own project of paper piecing. If you know the process but just don’t work on it anymore, this is the perfect chance for you to commit to finishing it in a light and fun environment. If you’re new to the process, learn how and collect all the tips for the techniques to make the process way more easy. I love paper piecing, but it’s more comfortable for me to be surrounded by piecers who can get me out of trouble if I screw up a section, so I can keep going with confidence. The results are just so precise and even easy, and the quilts are unique and spectacular with the proper guidance. Summertime is the perfect time to finish up those quilts!

Want a HOT summer deal??? Check with us if you’ve been thinking about adding embroidery to your repertoire but have no embroidery module! We have a few used 7/8 series modules (non-SDTstyle) available for you with a 90 day SVQ warranty for only $250!!! These were originally priced at $2499 when they were new, so big savings for you now. These modules are compatible with all 700, 710, 750, 770, 780, 790, 830 and 880 BERNINA machines. They allow for the larger hoops than what came with your machines, function perfectly well, only have been replaced with the new SDT (Smart Drive Technology) modules, and I’d like to move them to your home at a very reasonable price! This is a great price and opportunity to expand your horizons as well as your machine’s. Offer good while supplies last.

Our special panels of the week, at just $6 each, focus on patriotism and the Fourth of July . Think wall hangings, pillow cases, table runners….. Again, while supplies last. Add any other patriotic fabrics from the shop or online (www.sunvalleyquilts.com) and give us the code 25PATRIOTS to get 25% off all patriotic fabrics. We have a nice, large selection, I think, and we could all celebrate America and it’s opportunities presented to us during this time. Like everything in life, it might not be perfect but we can all join together to actively make it better!

Which, for some strange reason, makes me think of Murfee, and my last thing to share with you today. I watched this over-active, very impulsive, rangy-tang Irish setter on an active hunt last week. I never knew he could move so slowly and stealthily if I had not stopped to watch him! He had a rabbit on the other side of the fence in his sights. He was on point, head and tail in a straight line, bottom lip slightly quivering, oblivious to anything going on around him (including Emi darting circles around him, and me standing nearby). Ever so slowly, he lifted one leg, held it for a few seconds or more, slowly and softly placing it not more than 6” ahead. Sometimes, he held the one-leg-half-up position for 10 seconds or more before putting it down. Then he continued with the opposite rear leg, same process, and on and on. Movement was so controlled and slow that the target rabbit never reacted to Murfee’s approach. I watched, mesmerized, for about 20 minutes as he made his trek, totally concentrating on his target and his movements, discernably focused on the hunt, almost cat-like. He traveled about 75 yards like that, when a big blackbird flew overhead, cawing loudly, upsetting the peace of the movement, drawing the attention of the rabbit and causing it to run away. Hunt was over, just like that; Murfee’s tail and head came back into normal alignment, he noticed both Emi and I attentively watching him, started normal breathing again and ran as fast as he could to the other fenceline to see what might be going on over there! Bam---it was over!!! Normalcy was returned, but it was a fascinating time for both Murfee and me. Just wanted to share that with you, and hope you enjoyed our adventure!

Hope to see you soon, and thank you for taking the time to allow us into your busy life for just a bit. Have a sparkly Fourth of July, remembering why we celebrate this day!

Barbara and the sparkling and colorful crew at SVQ

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