July 28th, 2017- In This Issue:

BITCOIN UP 6.3% @ $2796.48

Bitcoin is breaking out to the upside as segwit locks in and fears of a blockchain split are subsiding. 
(Look for the $3,000 bitcoin by Monday.)

Ethereum on the other hand is faltering and appears to be ready to test downside support. ( as we predicted)

Not that we're gloating, but for those of you that heeded our warning and sold out of ETH last month above $300, I'm sure you're glad you did.  (We're looking at $160 ETH as next support level)

So what's ahead for Bitcoin and Ether? In our opinion, divergent paths.
As Bitcoin continues to gain momentum as the new Gold 2.0 and starts finding widespread acceptance as a store of wealth and a safe haven hedge against inflation.

Ethereum may have some major hurdles ahead as the SEC has ruled that ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are for the most part a security in the eyes of the U.S. govt. and therefore subject to the guidelines established for all securities. 

We expect much lower ETH prices as the SEC may retroactively levee fines and possibly begins criminal prosecutions of the promoter's behind many of these ICOs.

Bitcoin is the one digital asset that in our opinion will be here forever.

Buy them and hold them as you would any long term investment.

Years from now, don't be surprised to find your Bitcoin trading above 10k - 50k and beyond, just as the experts are predicting.

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Bitcoin prices rise as Ether extends recent weakness
The price of digital currency bitcoin rose Friday, putting it on track for a modest weekly gain, while rival currency Ether extended its recent weakness.

At latest check, a single bitcoin  BTCUSD, +3.17%  was up 2.7% to $2,771.45, according to cryptocurrency research-and-data site Coindesk. While it remains down from an all-time high above $3,000 on June 11, its recent trend has been largely positive. It is on track for its second straight positive session, and it is up 2.9% over the past week.


Bitcoin Inches Above $2,800 to Hit 5-Day High

The price of bitcoin across global exchanges hit $2,833 today, the highest figure observed since July 23.

The five-day high comes amid what has been largely a week of stability in the price of the digital asset against the dollar.  Bitcoin prices fell to a seven-day low of $2,433 on Wednesday, but have traded as high as $2,889 as recently as July 21.


A New SegWit Lock-In Period Has Started and All Mining Pools Are Signaling

A new signaling period for the long-debated code change Segregated Witness (SegWit) just started - and it looks like it might be the last.
If at least 95% of blocks during the 2,016-block period signal support for the change,  it will 'lock in' on the network, a move that would ensure the activation of the code, first proposed in 2015, on the bitcoin blockchain

The Bitcoin Effect: Gold Options Look Dirt Cheap

Many believe Bitcoin is on its way to becoming the new chaos currency, unseating the metal of King Midas as the world's ultimate source of value.

Compared to Bitcoin, gold is virtually comatose. All this action in the cyber-currency space has left gold a mere afterthought for those looking for market action.

Consequently, gold option traders have stripped away much of the volatility premium of both puts and calls, expecting the price of gold to move no more that 2.4%.


SEC: US Securities Laws 'May Apply' to Token Sales

The US Securities and Exchange Commission said today that the offering and sale of digital tokens "are subject to the requirements of the federal securities law."
The agency, in  its statement, revealed that it had been investigating the issuance of tokens connected to The DAO, the ethereum-based funding vehicle that collapsed dramatically last summer following an exploit of a flaw in its code.

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