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November 22nd, 2017- In This Issue:


This year we have many things to be thankful for, our families, our friends, our health, and among many other things a wonderfully profitable year for all of our bitcoin businesses and above all we are so happy to be helping so many people to get in on this bitcoin craze.

We cannot begin to tell you how fulfilling it is to be helping all of clients to make the kind of gains we've realised this year. 

Thank all of you for your loyalty and we want you all to know that our number one goal is to see our clients making money. Let's hope that next year is as good to us as this year has been. 

From all of us at Bitvest we Wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!! 

We will be out of the office until Monday, if you need assistance feel free to call our cells. 

As always, tell your friends your relatives and anyone else who will stand around long enough to listen about bitcoins. 

Believe me you will be doing them a huge favor, and if they don't listen you can always tell them "I told you so".

Visit  BitvestIRA  for information on using your IRA to invest in bitcoin at 20% below spot price. Or call us directly with any questions at 1-844-BIT-VEST (1-844-248-8378)

Can anything stop bitcoin? Price above $8,000

Forget about boring stocks. Bitcoin is where it's at these days for investors. 

The virtual currency is now trading at a record high above $8,200 -- just a little more than a month after bitcoin first passed the $5,000 level. If this keeps up, bitcoin could be trading at $10,000 before the end of the year.

he price of one  bitcoin   (XBT)  has surged more than 735% this year alone and has skyrocketed nearly 40,000% in the past five years.

Of course, bitcoin's meteoric rise has led to some skepticism.  JPMorgan Chase   (JPM)  CEO Jamie Dimon has bashed it on numerous occasions, calling it a "fraud" that's better off being used by drug dealers and North Korea.

And Saudi Prince Alwaleed, a billionaire whose Kingdom Holding Company owns stakes in Apple (AAPLTech30)and Citigroup (C), told CNBC before he was arrested in a sweeping anti-corruption probe that he thought bitcoin was an "Enron in the making" that will implode

But while some see a bubble about to burst, others see opportunity. Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase rival Goldman Sachs (GS), took issue with bitcoin critics.

Blankfein tweeted last month that "folks also were skeptical when paper money displaced gold." Interestingly, technical analysts at Goldman also correctly predicted earlier this month that bitcoin prices would soon top $8,000.

Blankfein raises an interesting point though. Sure, some investors are likely flocking to bitcoin as a speculative bet because they've watched the price climb higher and higher.

But there's also a legitimate case to be made that bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies are the future of money and that more and more people will conduct actual transactions using these currencies.

To that end, Square -- the popular mobile payment service run by  Twitter   (TWTRTech30)  CEO Jack Dorsey -- recently announced a trial that will let some users of its Cash app purchase bitcoin

Big Things in Square's Bitcoin Future: Credit Suisse

Square's decision to incorporate Bitcoin payments into its app could be a real cash cow for the company according to Wall Street firm Credit Suisse. An analysis from the firm believes that a $30 mln revenue bump is completely possible in the next two years.
Square recently announced a rollout to a limited number of customers, using pooled wallets to allow Bitcoin payments without the current high fees. This news sent Bitcoin's price tearing towards $7,000 about a week ago.
This high-level adoption from a major payment app is both a positive for Square, who are taking the plunge, but Credit Suisse see it as an even bigger win for the crypto-asset industry.

'Confers legitimacy'

There have been some recent barriers that Bitcoin has broken, leading to new  all-time highs almost daily. In terms of adoption, the other big news was that CME announced it would be offering Bitcoin  futures soon.
Now, with a payment app like Square joining the party, aiming at streamlining Bitcoin's possibility to be a  functioning currency, there is further legitimacy being placed in Bitcoin especially among traditional companies and investors.
"While we are positive on Square's strategy, to the extent it confers legitimacy on Bitcoin and prompts adoption by other providers the biggest beneficiary may be the crypto-asset industry," Credit Suisse analyst Paul Condra  said.

Big boom coming

Doing a little predicting of their own, Credit Suisse added that they believe that if Square can accumulate a good amount of users, they will be turning over a lot more revenue.
"We estimate that if Square can accumulate 10 mln Bitcoin buyers over two years, this could drive an incremental $30 mln in revenue," Condara added.
Condra said the company may charge a fee of 1.5 percent per transaction and the average customer could spend about $200 a year in Bitcoin purchases, according to his estimates.

Ronnie Moas Sets New Sights for 2018 - $14,000 on the Cards

Less than two weeks ago, Standpoint Research's Ronnie Moas, who is famed for his stock picking, put another target prediction for Bitcoin to reach for 2018,  eyeing $11,000. Having seen many of his targets smashed earlier than expected, the Bitcoin Bull has moved the goalposts again.
Moas now predicts that Bitcoin will be at $14,000 by the time 2018 rolls around, however, his calculation is slightly different to most as he explains in an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph. Moas adds the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold prices together in his calculations.

Surpassing expectations

Moas has been trying to keep abreast with his predictions of late, starting back in July 2017,  prior to the Aug. 1 fork where he boldly stated it would  reach $5,000 in a few months. The price was hovering below $3,000 at the time.
In August 2017, the rapid increase in Bitcoin price led to Moas  revising his projection to $7,500 by the start of 2018. But he has since raised that to $11,000 earlier this month when it was just under $8,000 and now, a few factors have caused him to again revise the target for 2018 to $14,000.
Headlines, such as the announcement by  CME, and the fact that  Square Cash App is allowing selected users to buy and transact in Bitcoin. Additionally, on the altcoin side, American Express and Santander announced a  partnership with Ripple. XRP is now fourth with a $9.2 bln valuation.
Moas said in an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph:

"There have been a number of key developments for cryptocurrencies recently that have made me revise the target. There have been some positives headlines for cryptocurrencies, and they have been knocking over obstacles."

Crypto Bull Tom Lee Doubles Bitcoin Price Target to $11,500

The bitcoin bulls are charging.

A day after hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz  said the cryptocurrency will end the year at $10,000, Fundstrat's Thomas Lee doubled his price target to $11,500 by the middle of 2018 -- a 40 percent gain from current levels.

Lee, who heads research at Fundstrat, said a 10 percent pullback earlier this month triggered by the controversial  cancellation of an upgrade to bitcoin's underlying software has set the stage for the coming surge.

The November slump "cleaned up weak hands," Lee wrote Wednesday in a note to clients that almost doubled his last forecast. The strategist had  warned earlier in the month that bitcoin's rally to $7,000 from $3,500 raised the likelihood for a short-term pullback. "We no longer feel caution is warranted," he said.

Bitcoin rose 1.2 percent to $8,230.12 as of 11:05 a.m. in New York, about $100 short of its all-time high set Tuesday after Novogratz's comments. The most popular cryptocurrency has surged more than sevenfold since December, surpassing $8,000 for the first time this week.
The ride to records hasn't been straight up for the virtual asset, with three separate slumps of more than 25 percent all giving way to subsequent rallies this year.

Billionaire Investor Believes Bitcoin Will Reach $10,000 by End of Year

Bitcoin's tremendous rally in 2017 has left analysts racing to revise their predictions. Mike Novogratz feels that Bitcoin's rally is not done yet and that it is poised to cross $10,000 by year end.

$10K by April 2018? Nah...sooner

Mike Novogratz, who was ranked a billionaire by Forbes in 2007 and 2008, has been a long-term Bitcoin bull. In an interview to CNN a month back, he stated that he would not be  surprised if Bitcoin reaches $10,000 by April 2018. Bitcoin's strong rally in the last month has made him revise his prediction. He now expects Bitcoin to cross $10k by the end of 2017.

Speaking to  Bloomberg TV, Mike Novogratz said:

I think literally we end the year at $10,000 in Bitcoin. I think that is a decent move from here. I think we end the year at close to $500 in Ethereum.

Breaking: Paris Asset Manager Starts Bitcoin Mutual Fund

The French asset management company TOBAM, with $9 bln under management, has officially  announced the creation of the first  Bitcoin  mutual fund. The goal is for institutional investors to gain access to the cryptocurrency.

The company has created the fund as an unregulated alternative  investment in order to provide a vehicle for allowing more regulated investors at the institutional level to gain Bitcoin exposure without the regulatory concerns. According to the business development lead, Christophe Roehri:

"Direct investment in Bitcoin can be operationally challenging, from dealing with the choice of the platform, to maintaining the proper security measures in terms of custody and to managing the changes made to the protocol."

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