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Coinbase Makes 'Instant' Bitcoin Buying Available in 26 Countries
Coinbase has announced customers across 26 countries can buy bitcoin "instantly" from today.

Previously, users could top up their accounts via bank transfer, however the exchange now supports 3D Secure credit and debit cards - having trialled the technology in the UK and Spain.

In a blog post, the company stated:
"Since credit and debit cards will not require a customer to pre-fund their Coinbase account with a bank transfer, customers can now receive bitcoin much faster."
Visa's 3D Secure protocol, which requires users to verify their identity via password, is supported by most banks in Europe. While instant, Coinbase will charge a 3% 'convenience fee' for the faster service.

Bitcoin Used to Pay Utility and Credit Card Bills in the Philippines and Australia
Over the past year, bitcoin startups in the Philippines and Australia have begun to target day-to-day expenses and remittances; markets that are in desperate need of instantaneous, secure and cost-effective payment systems.
Startups including Australia-based Living Room of Satoshi and Manila-based Rebit.ph, also known as the parent company of Bills Ninja, have been trying to educate the global population to use bitcoin in day-to-day expenses, such as paying utility bills and settling bank payments.

We Visited Those New Bitcoin ATMs in the Ukraine and Here's What We Found
When Coin ATM Radar announced 16,000 new Bitcoin-enabled ATMs in the Ukraine, we here at CCN decided to see these machines for ourselves. Do they exist? Do they really work? Are they a good deal? Read on to find out.

So we commissioned a private investigator to take a look at 10 of these newly-minted Bitcoin ATMs in the port city of Berdiansk in Southeast Ukraine.

We found that 7 of these 10, randomly selected, ATMs were present where Coin ATM Radar said they would be, and were in working order. But 3 were either out of service, nowhere to be found or lacking Bitcoin service.

BTCU.biz is the Ukrainian payments company, founded in 2013, that is behind the service. BTCU.biz partners with the iBox and 24nonStop terminal networks to sell bitcoin around the nation 24/7.

R3 Blockchain Development Initiative Grows to 22 Banks Worldwide
A Russian payments company seeking to launch its own digital currency has proposed backing its market value with real-world commodities.

Russian state-owned news service TASS quoted an interview conducted by RBC TV during which Qiwi CEO Sergei Solonin built on previous comments about how his company - one of the largest of its kind in Russia - might issue its own cryptocurrency next year.

According to Solonin, the cryptocurrency could be backed by "some [kind of] security in the form of energy" produced domestically in Russia. He added that such design might give the digital currency a competitive edge against bitcoin, which he argued "is not secured by anything".

Solonin went on to say that he hopes the Russian Central Bank will warm up to the idea and suggested cooperation on the initiative, telling RBC:
"We are ready, we encourage the Central Bank to cooperate. We would like some kind of open discussion in the working group. We are very keen that we have moved in this direction. We understand, of course, the concerns of the Central Bank."
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