July 21, 2014 - In This Issue:

Blockchain Debuts Android Bitcoin Wallet With Merchant Directory

Bitcoin wallet and block explorer provider Blockchain has unveiled its latest Android wallet update, announcing the news at The North American Bitcoin Conference (NABC), an ongoing two-day industry event taking place in downtown Chicago.

The official launch follows the release of early previews provided by the company in June, a leak that coincided with Blockchain's debut of its new customer onboarding tool, Bitcoin.com.

Blockchain CEO Nicolas Cary framed the announcement as part of a broader update to the company's wallet service that will find it issuing more news through the summer. Combined, this initiative will help the company better meet the scale that it excepts as more consumers join the bitcoin ecosystem.

Cary said:

"We're completely focused on creating simple and engaging experiences so we can go to web scale - supporting hundreds of millions of users."


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Investor Fred Wilson: Security & Hoarding Are Holding Back Bitcoin

Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson is a self-proclaimed bitcoin believer, but when speaking at New York University recently he highlighted some of the negative aspects of the digital currency, which he said, are holding it back from widespread adoption.

Currently, security, practicality and problems related to speculation and hoarding are the biggest issues facing bitcoin, he said at an event sponsored by the NYC Foundation for Computer Science Education.

Wilson is the co-founder of venture capital firm Union Square Ventures, which has made investments in a number of successful tech start-ups, including Twitter, Tumblr, Kickstarter and Zynga. The company also has a focus on bitcoin, investing in digital currency startups rather than the currency itself. Read more..



BitXatm To Launch 1,000 Bitcoin ATM's In US

Germany-based digital currency bitcoin ATM and point-of-sale (POS) solution provider BitXatm has announced a new partnership that will find the company shipping 1,000 units to the US in a bid to build the country's largest bitcoin ATM network.

For the initiative, BitXatm will partner with Los Angeles-based CryptVision, a startup that itself is seeking to build the largest network of bitcoin ATMs around the globe. As part of the deal, CryptVision will become the exclusive provider of BitXatms in the US and Canada.

Sergey Yesayan, president of CryptVision, framed the move as one that will find the new company moving quickly to gain a foothold in the bitcoin market, saying:

"In terms of positioning our products all over the country, we're planning to have most of them in place by the end of the year, and are looking for location partners in shopping malls, restaurants and night clubs."


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Bitcoin Has Passed The Tipping Point
 Products and services that are first-to-market often take such a battering that they lose out to competitors with copycat products. Business history is littered with wildly successful products with ultimately spectacular collapses because they lost out to competitors that found a better way of doing things - things they learned at the trailblazer's expense. The Sony Betamax is the poster child for products that created a market and lost out to a rival - in this case VHS. Sony created a market for recording TV, but because the tapes where an hour long VHS grabbed the movie rental market. More recently, Friendster was the first social network to explode, with millions of users in the first 3 months. But it couldn't manage its growth and lost out to MySpace and of course Facebook. There are many more examples. Some lost slowly, like the Atari 2600 game console, and some crashed spectacularly like Rio MP3 player. Palm lost to Apple, Netscape to Internet Explorer, WebCrawler to Google, Tivo to the cable companies, and on and on. Read more..

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