August 4, 2014 - In This Issue:

GHash Mining Pool Generates $250 Million in Bitcoin in One Year

     Since opening its doors on 3rd August of last year, major bitcoin mining pool operator has generated nearly $250m in bitcoin, according to a new infographic released by the company.


     The pool has produced 413,752.01889456 BTC since it first began hashing in 2013, an amount worth $248,251,211.33 according to the CoinDesk USD Bitcoin Price Index.


     This fact was just one of the noteworthy statistics provided by the infographic, as the full release contains both hard mining data as well as a brief timeline of the company's history.


      The publication comes at a time when the company has faced scrutiny for its outsized share of the bitcoin network hashrate - a number which has come perilously close to 50% in recent months. As a result, GHash has embarked on a campaign of transparency and advocacy to assuage community concerns it could or would carry out a 51% attack against the network.


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Bitcoin Domain Sold for $1m

       Revered bitcoin domain has fetched more than a million US dollars, as digital currency enthusiasts invest larger amounts to acquire bitcoin properties.


      The domain, which was available on the market for a couple of weeks, was acquired by Josh Garza of Connecticut-based mining equipmentfirm

GAWMiners for a whopping $1m (�654,000, €819,000), Cryptocoinsnews' (CCN) Scott Fargo reported. BTC represents the most common abbreviation of bitcoin.


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New Bitcoin Exchange Quoine Offers Pro Tools for Asian Traders

     A new trading exchange has set its sights on the wealthy markets of Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, and wants to usher in a new era of professionalism for serious bitcoin traders across Asia.


     Quoine is being built by a management team of former and current forex traders who have all worked at some of the biggest names in banking, in the world's premier financial centers.


     With a philosophy that all financial dealings should be treated "like hygiene" in order to function properly, the team is focusing on security and compliance, with an interface designed to be both professional trader- and amateur-friendly.





How You Make Payments Will Drastically Change in Coming Years

    In the last five years, technology has moved in a direction that now has experts believing that the way we process payments is about to drastically change. Visa (NYSE: V  ) has been at the forefront of payment solutions for decades, now operating in more than 200 countries. In its last quarter, it processed more than $16.7 billion worth of transactions. While technologies used by the likes of Visa are likely to remain in your wallet, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB  ) and BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY  ) might hold clues as to how you'll be making payments in the decades ahead.

It's no surprise

   According to the research and analysis firm BI Intelligence, mobile payments will soar to more than $400 billion in the U.S. over the next four years.








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