February 6 ,2015- In This Issue:


IBM's Richard Gendal Brown on Bitcoin capabilities

Richard Gendal Brown, IBM UK's executive architect thinks Bitcoin may be crucial in blending various fields of study to find innovative solutions to old problems.


Brown, who specializes in banking/financial innovation, speculates on the developments of the technology behind Bitcoin. He finds that Bitcoin's coming into being as such is one of the reasons why students specializing in computer science and engineering are nowadays much more well-grounded in the arrangement of financial systems and issues related to them.


As a result, these young specialists will be involved in designing products and services that do neither exist now, nor are imagined, but are thought to serve as a basis for future technologies.


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BitPay 'Working With ETA to Increase Bitcoin Acceptance and Raise Awareness' at Major Industry Event Transact 15


Powered by ETA, Transact 15 is one of the world's largest and most important events covering all aspects of the payments industry.


This year, the digital currency industry will be represented through an exhibit showcase called "World of Bitcoin," which will be featuring leading Bitcoin payments solution provider BitPay.


"With the launch of our World of Bitcoin showcase, and our partnership with BitPay to accept bitcoin payments, TRANSACT 15 is now the place to be for digital currency in 2015," said Jason Oxman, CEO at ETA.


According to BitPay co-founder Tony Gallippi:

"TRANSACT 15 will be a great arena for Bitcoin companies to showcase their new products and services while connecting with leaders within the payments industry.

BitPay is working with ETA to increase bitcoin acceptance and raise awareness about cryptocurrency via our exhibit booth at TRANSACT 15."

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Bitcoin moves Steadily to get a lot more Popularity

ccording to the latest studies, it has passed around 1 lakh retailers who accept crypto currency bitcoin around the world.


However, the rate of bitcoin is falling down from a peak value of $1,100 (�725) to today's value of $225 since last year.


World renowned companies like Microsoft, Dell, Wikipedia, Twitch, Greenpeace, Expedia and PayPal are presently accepting bitcoin payments.


It's been also found by these companies that there is an increase of bitcoin venture capital from $96m in 2013 to $335m in 2014.


Xapo ($40m), BitPay ($30.5m) and Blockchain ($30m) conquered the highest capital deals for bitcoin in 2014.


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What happened last night on the Blockchain? And why is it important?


Yesterday evening, Ryan Selkis moderated a discussion with Michael Casey and Paul Vigna, about their new book, The Age of Cryptocurrency, at the Bitcoin Center in New York. I attended the event and, while it was taking place, embedded the existence of the book onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Many people came up to me afterwards wanting to know more about the technical aspects of the process, so I figured it'd be a good idea to elaborate here.


First off, the Bitcoin blockchain is a secure, irrefutable record of transactions. No one controls the Bitcoin blockchain, and immense computational power keeps it secure. That combination means that the data stored in the Bitcoin blockchain can't be rationally contested. If the blockchain contains a transaction, that transaction did indeed happen at the time it was recorded.


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Adam Draper bets on Bitcoin in the Philippines with Palarin

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Adam Draper is spicing up the Bitcoin scene in the Philippines.


Palarin, among the latest batch of startups accelerated by Draper's Boost VC, launches today, enabling users to remit money to the Philippines from overseas using Bitcoin and to do so more cheaply than conventional money transfer services.


Palarin converts Bitcoins to Philippine pesos and distributes remittances to recipients through a number of options. Like other Bitcoin remittance services, Palarin allows users to send even small amounts without paying hefty service fees. 


Palarin co-founder Brian Gamido says they charge 1.5 to two percent of the transaction amount - "significantly lower" than what is charged by the banks or money wiring firms like Western Union.


"The percentage fee for the service covers the conversion of Bitcoin sent by remittance senders to Philippine peso and the distribution of Philippine peso funds to remittance recipients," Gamido tells Tech in Asia.


Bitcoin Finds a Place Among the World's Elite

The price chart shows how Bitcoin started the month at $318.23, according to data from CoinDesk. Over the next two weeks it slid 46% to $172.28. For the next 12 days Bitcoin zoomed back up 78.3% to $307.16. Then it slumped 29.4% over the final five days of the month.


How Bitcoin Will Achieve Mass Acceptance: Through Community (Op-Ed)


This attitude, however, is a good demonstration of the greatest hindrance that digital currencies face today. It also points towards the solution of bitcoin's problem with gaining mass acceptance. The disbelief shown by most of the traditional media, financial institutions, and governmental bodies, that bitcoin could be a viable force to alter the financial landscape, is for now the biggest hurdle in bitcoin's widespread implementation.