August 28, 2014 - In This Issue:

Growing number of workers choosing to be paid with Bitcoin, payroll firm says

     A small but growing -- and surprising -- number of workers are rejecting Canadian dollar salaries for Bitcoin, according to a Waterloo, Ont., payroll firm.


    Wagepoint CEO Shrad Rao said his firm came up with the cryptocurrency payment option in November last year as a side project and did not expect any take-up.


     But as the online currency gained popularity this year, he said, employees from 10 firms have signed up for the Bitcoin option, and many more are asking about it.


     "When we started off, we didn't even think we'll get one," he said over the phone from New York, where Wagepoint has another office.


     "What's interesting is that we've actually had customers come to us because of the (Bitcoin) integration, which we were not expecting at all."


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Major European Telecoms Provider Warms to Bitcoin, Sponsors Conference in Slovenia

     In a written response to our enquiry in light of the company's sponsorship of the forthcoming Bitcoin Central and Eastern European Conference, marketing director Simon Fural said that "while there are many uncertainties", they "shall not shut the door to Bitcoin." He added:

"We aspire to be a technologically advanced service operator. Therefore we closely follow the trends and the constantly emerging new technological ideas and advanced services, and Bitcoin is certainly one of them."

     2014 indeed looks to be a halcyon year for innovation at Telekom Slovenije, with the company having already been named as Microsoft's Partner of the Year in Slovenia last month.


     "The Telekom Slovenije Group achieves results with considerate and professional work, by recognizing trends, with in-house development, and due to our ability to quickly adapt to changes both within the field and within the broader economic environment," Management Board Chairman Rudolf Skobe said in a press release following the announcement.


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Bitcoin group descends on Congress

     A new bitcoin lobbying group descended on Capitol Hill on Friday, in a bid to familiarize congressional staffers with the digital currency.


     The Chamber of Digital Commerce brought more than 30 people from the bitcoin industry to Washington to talk to dozens of congressional offices about the benefits of the money, which Congress has approached with some skepticism.

     The trip was sponsored by Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas), an ardent supporter of the virtual money who was one of the first political candidates to accept it in his failed bid to unseat Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) earlier this year. 

     Friday's "Bitcoin Education Day" was a "breakthrough event," Stockman said in a statement, "taking Washington's grasp of bitcoin up to a much higher level."


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Xapo Deposit Lets Users Acquire Bitcoins Via Wire Transfer

     If  you're a Xapo user, you may have received an email last night from the company with a nice little announcement.


     The bitcoin debit card and vault provider announced a little something they're calling Xapo Deposit (perhaps aptly enough), a service that will allow users to acquire bitcoin on the Xapo platform via wire transfer.


     The addition of the feature will allow Xapo's users the ability to more easily get their hands on the digital currency, and thus requiring a place to store them (which is good for Xapo).

As one might come to expect, the process is really quite simple.


     To make it happen, one logs into their Xapo account and then clicks on the Deposit button. They will then be required to fill out a deposit profile and will receive a reference code.


     The user will then be able to initiate a wire transfer denominated in both U.S. dollars or Euros to Xapo.


     From that point, Xapo will convert the funds to bitcoin and deposit them into the user's wallet. The process is then complete and both parties are happy (hopefully).


     Xapo describes the move as coming "full-circle" - which makes sense. With a fully-insured vault service and debit card out there, they're certainly doing what they can to attract the scores of enthusiasts out there.


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