We've become a profitable enterprise (in just a few months), but the Bitcoin price decline has prevented us from adding the hashing power we intended to have on line at this point. In order for us to buy more hashing power than what's feasible with current revenues, and in accordance with the Private Placement Memorandum, we will be offering part or all of the remaining "Investor Units" to Accredited Investors.


Some of our investors have expressed interest in enhancing their positions, we can now accommodate that; and any other interested parties that are "Accredited" under SEC guidelines can contact us to obtain an investor package.

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November 14, 2014 - In This Issue:













The era of Bitcoin is just around the corner: Brian Armstrong, CEO, Coinbase

Startups like Coinbase have been instrumental in taking Bitcoin from a poorly understood cryptocurrency in use by an insular community of internet anarchists, darkweb users and tech geeks, to an alternative currency that is beginning to creep into every day use in the consumer world.


Since there's nothing really comparable to them, the future of Bitcoin and other digital payment networks is almost completely up in the air. But platforms like Coinbase -which now works with over 1,800,000 users and 37,000 distinct merchants - are aiming to simplify Bitcoin for businesses and their customers, and to be the intermediary between the technology and the real world of retail.


As CEO and founder Brian Armstrong explains, more and more retailers, consumers and developers are being sold on the draw of a completely independent payment network.


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Bitcoin 101: Why It's Attracting Wall Street Investment

Despite its infancy, Bitcoins are being called one of the greatest developments of the new financial services landscape. Here's why.


Ten months ago, I set up my digital wallet and bought my first bitcoin. Weeks later, after five years on Wall Street, I decided to leave behind the bulge-bracket banks and their endless rows of gray and navy suits and join the ranks of forward-thinking disruptors who just might transform the financial services industry forever.


Considering my conservative finance background, you're probably wondering why I made the jump. More importantly, you would be smart to ask whether the esteemed institutions I left behind would even consider looking at something as nascent as Bitcoin. It's true that Bitcoin and digital currencies are still in their infancy, but what they lack in age, they more than make up for in potential. Bitcoin might radically alter our concepts of money, store of value, and the means by which assets are exchanged the world over, and therein lies the opportunity -- and the risks.


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Gold vs. Bitcoin? The Greatest Rivalry of the 21st Century

Gold.  The name itself is synonymous with wealth, status, precious value, and the pinnacle of all commodities extant.  So much so that 98% of the world's population has never seen gold outside of the random necklace or bracelet of questionable actual content. Its scarcity, and elusiveness are legend. Thus, its incredible perceived value. Is Gold destined to reign forever, in a class of one, as the be-all-end-all of desired assets on this planet? Maybe. Maybe not.


Times are changing and changing fast!The Internet Age has brought about a new competitor, also unseen and felt by the common man. It has been described as "A technological Tour de Force" by none other than Microsoft computer billionaire Bill Gates. Many call it "The Internet of Money." I call it "The Future of Money," because there will come a time when people will rise above the mere paper currencies of the world. Not bound foolishly by mere arbitrary territorial boundaries, and when people worldwide will PREFER to deal with the world's first global currency. And that is Bitcoin.


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RAOUL PAL: Bitcoin Is Worth $1,000,000

"I did some analysis a while ago," Raoul Pal said. "[It] was to try and create a valuation framework that gives some value to bitcoin because nobody really knows that it's worth."


Pal, a former global macro fund manager and current author of the Global Macro Investor newsletter, is talking about the bizarre digital cryptocurrency that saw its value surge north of $1,200 a year ago.


"So I said OK well let's assume it's something like gold-There's a finite amount of it," Pal said in an interview with Grant Williams on Real Vision Television. "There's a finite amount that's been mined. The rest is underground. We kind of know how long it's going to take before all the gold is mined or before all the bitcoins. Put them in the same kind of equation we get a value of bitcoin and that value is a million dollars. Now, you'll never hear an analyst say this-but I don't mind this-I could be wrong by 90%, and it's still worth $100,000."

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Why you'll finally be using bitcoin soon

Bitcoin has come a long way, from a mysterious and controversial crypto-currency to a widely known medium of exchange.


Although faced with occasional challenges (such as the MtGox bitcoin heist, Silk Road incident or China's regulatory stance), the bitcoin community remains unshaken, showing a surprising amount of resilience and trust in the digital currency.


As time passed, many new altcoin variants (alternatives to bitcoin) have sprung to life, the most notable of which are Litecoin and Peercoin. Litecoin is advertised as faster and more efficient, and Peercoin uses the concept of proof-of-stake, which means you gain Peercoins based on the amount of the currency you hold and not on your computer's processing power, as is the case with bitcoin.


Bitcoin this year gained enough momentum to become a market-disrupting force. More than 60,000 businesses now accept the currency (Dish Network DISH, +0.12%  joined in August), and the value of venture-capital investments made in bitcoin jumped 28% in the second quarter from the first quarter.


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Richard Branson Backs Digital Currency Ahead of Australia Summit

Sir Richard Branson has voiced his support for bitcoin ahead of the Global Digital Currency Conversation (GDCC) forum in Brisbane, Australia, this Sunday.


The GDCC is due to coincide with this year's G20 Summit on 16th-17th November, at the close of the G20 event. Organisers say it aims to facilitate discussion and "formalise a global agreement on digital currencies" before Turkey's G20 conference in 2015.


Branson, a prominent bitcoin advocate, first announced his support for the Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association (ADCCA), the industry group behind the conference, late last month.


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